The Democrat Party Has Lost Touch With Reality

While we are often critical of ``RINOs`` for being insufficiently principled or catering to donor interests over the bulk of their constituents... the Democrat Party has all those same issues PLUS it has gone completely off of the rails, advocating for Openly Anti-American, MARXIST (``Woke/Progressive``) LUNACY (to keep their party together).

We have no doubt that there are people who are registered Democrat, yet have conservative values including (among other commonalities) an appreciation for the now Republican-dominated ideals of “Classical Liberalism.” 

Irving Kristol once remarked, “A neoliberal (“centrist” liberal) is a liberal who’s been mugged by reality, but has refused to press charges.”

The left wing of the Democrat party (often calling themselves “Progressive” as a euphemism for Marxist, Socialist, or Communist) is dangerous. Their ideas lead to societal division & destruction, and have been a colossal failure every time they have been implemented, resulting in over 100 Million citizen deaths in the last century alone.
Given the absence of will from the “liberal” wing of the party to “press charges,” by calling out the left-wing lunacy and distancing themselves, that lunacy continues to spread.

Even Democrat leaders have openly advocated for positions that are ABJECT INSANITY. Without a fair press to call them on their lunacy, and nobody willing to confront vocal Marxists in the party (likely to avoid perceived division within their voter block), it just escalates.

Prominent Democrats have stated that:

(1) They believe religious values and God have No Place in civil society.
(2) They believe it is OK for a literal newborn baby to be executed if a mother and doctor agree to do it.
(3) They see America not as a beacon of freedom, but as a racist, sexist, discriminatory failure that must be destroyed and remade. They have been infiltrating and destroying the educational system for decades (1st college faculty, now K-12 educators via controlling Colleges of Education) to further their Marxist/”woke” mind virus agenda.
Central to this virus is the idea that success is beyond the reach of people based upon their demographic categories (eg their race, or sex), in the absence of government sponsored discrimination.

(4) They have formed an hysterical “existential threat” death cult around global warming & climate change (it’s a legitimate concern worthy of study and innovation to address the possible consequences, but in no scenario is it “existential”).
(5) They have torn apart foundational customs and institutions, which really has threatened our democracy, only to accuse Republicans of doing exactly what they have done.
(6) They have openly embraced “cancel culture” and advocated for political violence, but only when it targets their opponents (hallmarks of totalitarianisn). Yet, they simultaneously demonize their political opponents as Fascists, Nazis, Hitler, … at the drop of a hat.

If the biased media hasn’t allowed you an accurate picture of this lunacy, Hear the Democrats in their own words:

1) Democrats Want to Remove God from Civic Life

“God’s Will is No Concern of This Congress.”
– Rep. Jerry Nadler, US House Judiciary Chairman

3) Democrats View Minorities as Incapable of Personal Achievement

“Everything, including Math, is racist.”
– CA & OR Board of Education; OR Governor Kate Brown

5) Dems Have Challenged the Election of Every Republican President This Century, Then Get Their Media to Claim it is a Threat to “Our Democracy” When Republicans Do It

“You can do everything right and have an election stolen from you.”
– Hillary Clinton

2) Democrats Have Pushed for Legal Abortion Up to Birth

“We Make the baby feel comfortable (before killing him on the table).”
– VA Governor Ralph Northam

4) Democrats Exaggerate Global Warming to Push Socialist Agendas

“The world is going to end in 12 years [from] climate change!”
– Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

6) Democrats Refuse to Condemn Marxist Political Violence, or Silencing of Free Speech, Instead Using Them as a Tools

“You push up on them, you tell them they are not welcome!”
– Rep. Maxine Waters, Chair of Congressional Black Caucus