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2024-Detail – Kentucky Liberty Caucus – 20240231
DISCLAIMER: These recommendations are preliminary with 1 or 2 conservative citizens from the Kentucky Legislative Action Committee (KYLAC) having read the legislation, and hence with limited collaboration and commentary. Opposition to a bill is NOT a reflection of Legislator quality.

Feedback is appreciated. The KY Legislative LONG Session begins January 2, 2024 (and is 60 days long).

Category & Support Type Bill & Summary
Priority Level & Detailed Evaluation
Prim Sponsor & Reviewer
Taxes & Spending HB1 BUDGET – One-time appropriations totaling $178M in FY2023-4, $1.59B in FY2024-5, and $75M in FY2025-6 from Budget Reserve Trust Fund Account (ie Rainy Day Fund). J. Petrie
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
Priorities: Pretty aggressive paying down of pension liabilities at least for FY 2024-5 (very good, $750M, I’d even prefer more), $150M paying for drinking and wastewater infrastructure, $400M for matching fund for the GRANT program (great if it is this big, but this is far bigger than it was projected in HB9 last year; and hence needs extensive fraud monitoring), improving riverports, some rail & aviation pilot programs and infrastructure improvements, expanding KSP lab capabilities…
Amendments: Fine with all of these priorities; fiscally responsible. Elsewhere in the budget, why are we issuing bonds for capital projects in this high interest rate environment rather than paying out of the rainy day fund? Wouldn’t we be saving substantial future interest payments?
Education HB2 Alters KY Constitution to allow the Legislature to fund non-public schooling (devil is in the details). S. Miles
Only If Amended High (Pass this session) Every state but KY & ND has implemented a version of school choice, because (a) it’s immoral to trap a child in an ed situation that doesn’t meet his needs due to his parent’s finances & (b) it’s established that school choice improves not only private, but also public, school outcomes. Now, given the dynamics within the legislature, if a school choice amendment gets on the ballot it likely will be one cherry-picked (like HB2) & forced through by Rep leadership. That said, I cannot support this language for 2 main reasons:
(1) I don’t believe this stilted legalese with no mention of the actual lived problem(s) that it should be addressing in the text (ie poor families can’t afford to give their kids any other option if their public school doesn’t meet their needs) has much of any chance to pass in this poor state in a populist election cycle, after it gets massacred with negative ads on “welfare for the rich”. That loss will be used by blame-shifters to keep a better amendment off the ballot for a decade+,
* whereas SB358, HB208 and HB208 Amendment 1 are all VASTLY more likely to pass with voters.
(2) This “in particular places” phrase aims to circumvent the general applicability req of Section 59, codifying geographic discrimination in the KY Constitution. Doing so asserts it is affirmatively RIGHT in our Constitution that families in one part of Kentucky (eg Louisville) should be able to get their kids taxpayer-funded ed help, while another (eg Harlan County) will be trapped in a failing ed situation only because of their zip code. School choice is needed everywhere. The “we will fix it next session” logic, often very reasonable on KRS bills (even on this topic), does not apply altering a foundational document.
* This also isn’t legally airtight. Thinking that “as it deems proper” gives the legislature a blank check to do anything it wants is not how citizens or Sup. Court will interpret it (if it were, it would be in every amend.). One has to specify how it relates to the other parts of the constitution, and/or strike those sections out (eg in 184) it intends to render completely void. The reference to KY Const. Section 171 may mean something will be done to property taxes, what? Most importantly, (a) I doubt it avoids the referendum req of Section 184 (“notwithstanding” < “shall not prevent”, and it needs to make it clear that this ballot amend. IS the 184 tax referendum), and (b) the Sup Court can still use Section 183 to strike down any bill that affects public school funding in any way on THAT basis. HB208 addresses most of this.
Amendment: Some grown-ups need to merge the good things from this & HB208 and put something that addresses the real issues everywhere in this state, appeals to voters in this election cycle, IS legally airtight, and that KY can be proud of by bringing parents options EVERYWHERE.
R: I like this proposed amendment, because it is clean and clear, with no limitations. It will permit the GA to have freedom to legislate as it thinks best. However, upon further review, I see serious problems with it that need to be remedied. First, it does not expressly remove the req for a referendum to spend money outside of the common (public) schools. Second, it attempts to provide for special legislation notwithstanding Section 171, saying “in particular places”. This will give the courts an easy way to strike it down, since laws have to be generally applicable, not special. Third, it starts out with legalese, “notwithstanding sections….”. That will be confusing and off-putting to voters. It should start out with “The General Assembly may provide financial support…” and move the “notwithstanding” to the end of that sentence.
Dale: Section 1 Why not put to give… “all” families and children, regardless of income, race,creed, or sex”….the problem I see here is this needs to be explained in terms of fundamental fairness to all Kentuckians. The less legalese and more plain talk will do more to persuade voters.
L / R
Courts & Crimes HB3 Allows AG to establish a human trafficking working group of experts. Reqs posting of signs with info on contacting the Nat’l Human Trafficking Resource center in hotels, airports, bus stations, etc. S. Miles
Support High (Pass this session) Solid bill. The Working group portion should be a high priority. No issue with the data compilation.
Amendment: I could honestly do without the mandated signage for private businesses. MAYBE it will help save someone, but it feels like overreach, esp. every truck stop bathroom, and hotel, tbh. I can understand the publicly owned and financed train stations, bus stations, airports, and rest areas.
Govt Regs HB4 Allows GA to set its own session dates with a 3/5 vote, and allows Senate Prez and Speaker of House to call members back into session up to twice for up to 12 total days. D. Osborne
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) Rehashing of constitutional amendment 1 that failed last time. I like the concept, we don’t want/need a full-time legislature, but meeting only in the 1st 3.5 months of the year leaves 8.5 months for the Governor to run amuck uncheck and for laws to remain unpassed.
I like section 1 in principle, let the legislature itself vote on its schedule (the 1st few months of the years probably aren’t optimal timing). I don’t like the formalistic legalese used throughout, do Reps or bill writers not interact with the average voter enough?
Amendment: I really don’t like section 2 with the 2 leaders being the ones in charge of calling in a special session. With modern tech, why can’t 60% (like in section 1) register their desire for a special session with the clerk themselves? I’d much rather just have a designated 12-15 day summer session each year (maybe in late July or early August); we have special sessions more years than not anyway, this keeps the Gov from operating without a check and balance for more than a few months at most. Being regularly scheduled, it allows for inclusion of public opinion. I suspect that without restrictions on when session do happen, leadership called special sessions will be used to subvert public transparency and input (deciding what bills to rubber stamp and then coming in to deliver decided edicts to the public; that isn’t the democratic process).
I’m also not sure this is entirely legally sound. If you want to change part of the constitution or render it void, strike it out / omit it, and then amend it. That is the mechanism to accomplish that task. Don’t “notwithstand” it…
Courts & Crimes HB5 Incr punishments for, and protections against, a wide range of violent criminal offenses, and regs homelessness encampments. J. Bauman
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
Omnibus bill. There is a huge amount of good here, incl some controversial measures (strengthening shopkeeper’s prerogative, urban homelessness regulations…), but given that we are dealing with the criminal code we need to make sure we aren’t locking people away longer than is appropriate (KY already has one of the highest incarceration rates in the US & world). This also should have been 6+ bills, given the huge impact and wide range of topics addressed.
Amendments: (1) Make no change to the definition of “serious physical injury” (heightens the criminal severity of familial disputes, which are the most common and emotionally-driven, vs calculating and intentional); Sec 44. (2) Lower the felony classes (to C) for the new crime of carjacking if no deadly weapon was used and it is a 1st offense (B is 10-20 years in prison); Sec 9. (3) Change 3 strikes portion (Sec 1): if none of violent felonies are a capitol offense, the 3rd and any future criminal offense has a 1 class sentencing escalator (Felony D=>C; MisD A=>Felony D). (4) Would love a “Swatting” inclusion within terroristic threatening (Sec. 33 & 34) and increase penalties for blocking a highway (eg as an illegal protest), and (5) Exception for temporary “boondocking” in a vehicle outside of a municipal city limits (esp. on side of highway) in homelessness regs (Note: this one was added by floor amendment).
Taxes & Spending HB6 BUDGET J. Petrie
*Passed House Beyond our scope currently, unfortunately.
Even at its most aspirational this year, our commentary will be limited to finding the most egregious wastes of taxpayer money (eg a Festivus Report).
One inappropriate funding cut here is from the “Alternative Sentencing Worker Program”, a diversion program to keep drug addicts out of prison and instead in rehab and employment.
Transportation HB7 Empower the Transportation Cabinet to reg Autonomous (self-driving) vehicles. J. Bray
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
The main effects of the bill would be to:
1) Establish standards and definitions of AV.
2) Establish performance requirements and limitations.
3) Establish licensing and insurance requirements.
4) Empower the Transportation Cabinet with full authority over AV’s. No other state agency may tax or regulate AV operations.
5) Obligates the owner of the AV to notify appropriate state agencies in the event of a mishap.
L: Seems fine, the most interesting aspects of AV/EV regulation are not addressed in this bill, however. (a) The state currently pays for road maintenance in part through the gas tax, how are you going to monetize road usage by EVs which given battery weight do more damage to roads than equivalent ICE vehicles? (b) Will vehicles be allowed to operate without a driver (even without any driver or passenger at all) and if so, who is liable for accidents that occur?
Taxes & Spending HB8 Extends dates for funds to be used for environmental remediation of petroleum tanks and waste tire disposal. J. Petrie
Support Low (Can wait) Seems fine, not a high priority. L
Education HB9 Comprehensive ban on DEI admins, related mandatory statements, trainings & discriminatory hiring or enrollment practices from public higher ed. J. Decker
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) Definitely one of the most important bills this session. In same vane as SB6, but more comprehensive and appropriately aggressive.
Comprehensive DEI (“Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and often now Belonging) administrator (officer) bans in public higher ed: Public colleges have to eliminate these positions and expend no resources on their mission, not just alter their focus as in Section (2)(4) of SB6. Schools cannot alter the composition of the student body, or hire, fire, promote, contract renew,… on the basis of religion, race, sex, color, or national origin, nor require statements in support of this ideology. Eliminates “bias incident investigation” teams which are used to police (often without due process) legal speech and limits such speech policing to bonafide student harassment cases. Gives the AGs office, employees, and applicants cause to sue for discriminatory treatment (complaints about this ballooning legal liability here are overblown, suing is not easy or cheap and this is difficult to prove, but should be punished when it does occur; wouldn’t oppose some caps though, like SB6).
Unlike SB6, regulates governing boards of each institution and Council on Postsecondary Ed.
Amendments: There are actual majors that specialize in divisive concepts. If those divisive concepts cannot accumulate credit, are those majors disbanded (fine with me), or would the credit ban apply only to non-majors? Florida’s approach was to disallow these courses to be applied to core curricular requirements (ie general ed requirements, the courses that all students are required to take), making them only elective or part of a major.
J P: Eliminate/Halt all DEI-related practices and guidance by KY colleges & universities. I strongly support this bill. DEI is a Marxist-driven blight on this state and our country as a whole. Regarding course work, I interpreted it to ban credit for any course that promotes DEI (presumably because those tenets directly conflict with our Civil Rights Act of 1964). If it doesn’t, it should.
L / J
Health HB10 Estab KY Lifeline for Moms program; expands and specs post-natal services that must be covered by insurance (incl KCHIP and medicaid); allows pregnant women to enter health care exchanges at any time. K. Moser
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) “Momnibus” bill. Generally positive about the legislation. I’m most skeptical of the insurance expansions (open enrollment; expansion of KCHIP dental and vision) which need committee review, but even those don’t seem entirely unreasonable off hand.
Seems odd that the “lifeline for Moms” is for practitioners, rather than also being accessible to moms directly. Renames, specifies, and expands the Kentucky maternal and infant health collaborative in KDHFS. Requires that KCHIP cover preventative services, dental & vision. Expands and specifies the post-natal services that must be covered by insurance carriers (eg breastfeeding). Reqs medicaid cover breastfeeding equipment and consultation. Requires health insurance exchanges provide a special enrollment period for any pregnant woman (big change here).
Amendment: (1) If expanding coverage (I’m not necessarily a fan), perhaps exclude braces and cosmetic dentistry in KCHIP.
(2) Implications of opening the insurance exchange for any pregnant woman needs more study.
(3) If anything, I’m slightly disappointed that this legislation wasn’t expansive/ambitious enough given that it has gotten blessed by leadership. It seems HB380 is the expanded version of this.
(a) Why NOT throw in elimination of sales tax on basic early childhood expenses: diapers, breastfeeding supplies, baby powder, baby wipes, child car seats, cribs (most anything but formula)? I have no issue with that. (b) Off the wall idea: I’d love for the state to contract with KY churches to provide a Finnish-style “baby box” to every newborn, maybe have them register during pregnancy to make sure they are taking prenatal vitamins and getting drug screening/rehab (with educational material and all of the bare minimum supplies).
Health HB11 Reqs Tobacco product retailers and wholesalers report that business to the Sec of State, only sell authorized products, and be monitored by the Alcohol Control Board. R. Raymer
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Similar to HB142 as introduced, probably would have been better handled as an amendment to that. That one established licensure for selling vape products but exposed that we don’t actually have licensure for selling tobacco products more generally.
This one doesn’t require licensure exactly, but instead requires any retailer or wholesaler selling tobacco products notify the Secretary of State who maintains a listing and shares with Dep of Revenue and Alcohol Control Board. Reqs these companies on sell authorized products and sets severe financial penalties for non-compliance.
Amendment: If the Alcohol Control Board is going to regulate nicotine products too, shouldn’t it have a name change?
Taxes & Spending HB12 Bans authorities from building or renovating a local jail without the approval of the GA. D. Meade
Support Low (Can wait) Seems fine, I’m sure this is in response to some specific situation that I don’t know about. I know a lot of local jails are losing money, so maybe this is a stop the bleeding situation. It seems the GA is wanting to promote regional jails? L
HB13 AN ACT relating to the Kentucky Product Development Initiative and declaring an emergency. A. Bowling
Business Regs HB15 Various measures to strengthen consumer rights wrt the data collected about them from businesses: Right to access, to correct, to understand those procedures, etc. J. Branscum
Support High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
Lots of similarities to SB15, see commentary there. Needs more comparison to see which is better, but this is a strong bill that deserves support. Should be open to possible expansion with parts of SB15. L
Business Regs HB16 Move Milk Safety Branch from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to the Department of Agriculture. F. Rabourn
Support Low (Can wait) Would be a positive move. Just let people buy milk however they want at this point as long as they are informed. Small dairies have been virtually eliminated at this point. S
Health HB17 Allows the KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers to set the annual renewal fee (currently $75.) W. Williams
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Amendment: Maybe you should limit how much they can raise it annually.
No problem with moving some of these things to Admin Boards, but there should be statutory restrictions on how much the Admin Boards can change things.
Business Regs HB18 Cannot req landlord to lease to an individual who receives money from federal housing program. Can’t req landlord to pay emergency response fees for a tenant. R. Dotson
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Strong protection of property rights. Similar to SB25.
L: I don’t understand the logic of denying a tenant based upon them getting federal housing assistance, Sec. 1 (shouldn’t we be backing the principle that money is money, as long as legally obtained). Is this due to the hassle of converting housing vouchers into cash?
UPDATE: It appears that the issue here is that Federal Housing Assistance (at least “Section 8”), comes with significant strings attached which many landlords don’t want to follow (SB25’s Section 1 language seems more tailored to this purpose): https://benefits.com/section-8/rules-regulations/
Amendment: I agree with the intent in Sec. 2 to not charge the property owner/landlord for an emergency response that a tenant is responsible for. However, I think the “no control” language may prevent a bill to the owner of a house for the actions of a houseguest, visitor, or family member. Is the language precisely capturing this landlord/tenant intent and only that intent?
J P: Landlords need this protection. Not only should a property owner have the right to decide to whom he will lease his property (for a myriad of rational reasons), but it is a well known fact that “section 8” tenants often destroy their dwellings. Aside from that, though, the gov’t should not have the authority to force a property owner to rent to anyone in particular. The U.S. is not China.
L / J
Transportation HB19 Reqs a driver to move over or slow down when approaching a disabled vehicle with warning signal. M. Imes
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
L: This needs clarification in terms of its effect: This is common courtesy that enhances safety that seems to be getting turned into a regulation (note: it is already a regulation when it is an emergency vehicle) when it is a stalled car. I am having a hard time determining what the penalty for a violation of anything in this section is, as far as I can tell there is none (in house committee they suggested it is either a fine or a moving violation, nobody was sure which). It would be nice to have clarity. Perhaps the only effect of this is that if you hit someone while breaking this regulation you can be criminally liable? In any event, no real issue with this. L
Taxes & Spending HB20 Adds a 2% increase to the pension of KY state employee retirees. R. Palumbo
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) This is a lot to spend, but these retirees have no COLA provisions in their pension plans so I think it’s necessary in order to try to somewhat keep up with inflation.
L: Pulling back the veil, the lack of COLA adjustment is how the GA is bringing the pension obligations back to a reasonable level given Sup Court striking down pension reform. Until we get to that point, it’s probably best to hold off on these things.
S / L
Taxes & Spending HB21 Allow taxpayers to allocate all or part of their refund to the Greater KY and Southern Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. R. Palumbo
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) Good cause to donate to, but not a high priority.
L: I don’t have an issue with this in particular, but why THIS charity. There are TONS of diseases with foundations and other non-profit charities. Why not just allow a person to put any 501(c)3’s (including their church) Federal Tax ID number as the beneficiary and have a designated portion of the refund redirected there?
S / L
Health HB22 Rem req to have a medical doctor oversee an AED program. P. Pratt
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Not a necessary requirement to have a doctor oversee if the rest of the current law is followed.
L: I agree that you shouldn’t need a doctor to oversee the training program, but this seems to eliminate the entire training req even if not a doctor. If true, is that safe?
S / L
Govt Regs HB23 Reqs a working smoke detector in every residence at time of any change of tenancy or ownership. P. Pratt
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
It’s another regulation, which I’m generally hesitant about, but smoke detectors are cheap and well worth the cost in terms of lives and property saved. One could quibble about whether the new, rather than old, owner should be responsible, or perhaps the tenant. No real issue here though. L
Business Regs HB24 Estab consumer rights in regard to collection, storage, and sharing of data. P. Pratt
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) Very similar to SB15. Need to get both of these reconciled into one bill.
With the massive amount of data mining occurring on (and selling of) consumer data, this is overdue for regulation.
Courts & Crimes HB25 Reclassifies possession or distribution of pornography involving a minor as a VIOLENT felony. D. Fister
Oppose Oppose (friendly) The Safer Kentucky Act (HB5) is likely going to be redefining this portion of the statutes anyway, so best to work any changes in with that. The drive behind this bill is good, I’m just not sure this is the right way to handle the topic legally. My hesitation here is that while these pornographic/sex crimes are egregious, and perhaps worse than using violence, are they really VIOLENT offenses? The general seriousness of a crime is supposed to be captured by the Felony or misdemeanor class, muddying VIOLENT and Non-VIOLENT crime in a VIOLENT crime section is likely to create unintended consequences. L
Taxes & Spending HB26 Monies paid to firefighters for expenses responding to emergencies shall not be considered wages. D. Fister
Support Medium (Committee review+) The bill also changes single gender references to both genders. This should be an easy pass. Monies paid to firefighters to reimburse them for expenses in responding to emergencies should not be considered wages. M
Govt Regs HB27 Adds water conservation services & services provided by watershed and soil & water conservation districts to the list of “special purpose governmental entity. ” Directs frequency of audits for these entities. D. Fister
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
No problem with this addition. Not a high priority. S
Health HB28 Elim direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical commercials. D. Lewis
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Why have so many pharmaceutical commercials of meds you cannot trust? List of side effects of these meds are outrageous.
L: This is going to have to pass the Central Hudson (1980) test with intermediate scrutiny. It really needs text addressing what government interest is being served here, and likely to be tailored to a particular type of ad that is harmful to the public. I have no doubt that this can be done, and that this could be very beneficial to the public… but it hasn’t been sufficiently done here.
L / L
Transportation HB29 Allows racing on state highways with approval from the Transportation Cabinet. D. Lewis
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Not a big issue, doubtful that this is a priority this session. S
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB30 Estab KY Service Members, Veterans, and their Families Suicide Prevention Program within KY Dep of Vet Affairs. M. Meredith
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Certainly vet suicides are a big problem. It’s hard to believe this functionality doesn’t already exist within the VA, but maybe it doesn’t. The US DVA certainly has emergency and ongoing support mental health programs and a hotline for suicide prevention.
Amendment: Assuming this adds functionality above what the US DVA already does, perhaps it should also include access for First Responders (even if that req the Cab for Health and Family Services managing it) who undergo the same mental health issues and risks.
Health HB31 Reqs Medicaid to cover home oral anticoagulation management and training. D. Frazier Gordon
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Necessary for those who need it. How is this not already req, isn’t this life-threatening? S
Govt Regs HB32 Reqs an option of a half hour cont. ed training for physicians, physician assistants, paramedics, chiropractors, dentists and nurses on death certificate completion. D. Frazier Gordon
Support Low (Can wait) Could be good for those who need the training, but not a high priority bill. S
Govt Regs HB33 Reqs a crew of at least two persons during the operation of a train; provide exceptions; amend KRS 277.990 two include penalties for crews of less than 2 persons. K. Bratcher
Support Medium (Committee review+) This could help with some of the derailment and safety issues that have been happening. Same as SB47. B
Business Regs HB34 Allows recog of occupational licenses and gov’t certificates from other states, incl. using work experience as a basis. Excl interstate licensure compacts. S. Doan
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) Seems to be a reasonable way to issue licenses to new arrivals to the state. It also is a comprehensive approach rather than the piecemeal approach we have been taking. Virginia and South Dakota (prob more) already have this and it is a big advantage recruiting workers.
If someone is licensed and or has been legally performing a job in another state for an extended period of time, it is both unnecessary and anti-competitive to issue addl licensing reqs here. We need more workers in almost every industry, why not lower barriers for skilled professionals to more here? HB 343 from last session.
The current approach of forming “reciprocal licensure compacts” with various other states is far inferior. You have to pass a bill in every industry and every such compact, you get roped into an agreement with another supra-state layer of bureaucracy, and more generally… I’m not particularly concerned if KY licensure allows people to work, that’s a problem for OTHER states finding people competent to work in them (let’s just take care of getting employees and workers for OUR state).
*If you want more people to work, you lower the barriers TO working: reduce moving and housing expenses so people can live where the jobs are, and reduce licensure reqs so that people can enter the industry more easily (and the people already in it don’t have a monopoly).
Amendment: Would love a provision that if the board denies an occupational license from any other state on the basis of scope or insufficiency of preparation, then they must provide a report to the GA Admin Rev committee with specs for an expedited supplemental program to obtain licensure.
Health HB35 AN ACT relating to psychologists. L. Willner
Education HB36 AN ACT relating to student resiliency and well-being. L. Willner
Taxes & Spending HB37 Reqs proper registration for a greenhouse gas reduction agreement to be binding on subsequent owners of a property. K. King
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) The bill is fine as it is, if you want these sorts of agreements to be processed correctly.
Amendment: I’m more inclined to ban “greenhouse gas reduction agreements” entirely or at least to put a 100 year cap on them… not a land restriction in perpetuity.
Courts & Crimes HB38 Reduces all death sentences to life in prison without probation or parole. J. Tipton
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) This bill has 9 sections, the first being the operative adding a new section to KRS 530 which basically eliminates capital punishment and, for those where the sentence is not carried out, the death sentence disappears and it becomes life without parole or probation. The other 8 sections refer to details regarding the change from a death sentence to life without parole or probation. It also mentions youth and being allowed parole for capital crime. There are sections that refer to execution itself, ie treatment of the body. But all the changes and repeals reflect the change from a death sentence to life without parole or probation. SAME AS SB144.
R: I strongly oppose this bill. If we respect human life, we need to have the availability of the death penalty for a person who intentionally, with malice, murders another person. Removing the death penalty cheapens the value of human life. The first 5 books of the Bible all require the death penalty.
L: The death penalty isn’t working in this state, there have only been 3 people put to death since 1976. I’m in favor of actually putting it to use by limiting/expediting appeals, or ending it if we aren’t going to actually use it.
J P: Strongly oppose. We need the death penalty on the books, if for no other reason than the mere possibility that it could cause a psychotic serial killer to do his work elsewhere.
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB39 Helps veterans receive all of the benefits they are entitled to, even when working with outside orgs to help them get benefits. B. McCool
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
There are orgs that promote to veteran that they can help with benefits for the veteran. In the end these organizations end up receiving part of the benefits the veteran is entitled to receive. There is VA assistance for the veteran at no charge. This effort by the organization amounts to a scam effort on the part of the organization and this bill will shut down the scam effort.
Amendment: The portion of this that I think should be removed is the part that provides for an agreement between the veteran and an ngo. I could envision an ngo being able to take advantage of a veteran in many different ways. [Sounds like HCS1 takes care to limit most of that.]
Govt Regs HB40 Estab certifications for the supervisors of wastewater treatment plants. B. McCool
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) Don’t know if this is needed.

L: A voluntary certification program? I’ve never heard of such a thing, either you need it or you don’t. If it’s needed (probably, sewage systems can be quite complex to run and maintain), make it a mandatory program.

Health HB41 State insurance should not pay for immunizations of any person. E. Callaway
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) Good Bill, prevents state funding of immunizations.
L: I’m less enthusiastic about this. COVID vax is a new class of vaccinations that alter RNA (a type of gene therapy) which deserve more extensive study. Most other standard vaccinations use a weakened strain of the virus to develop natural immunity and have a long history of use and safety (though some rare side-effects occur, they reduce deaths overall enough to be a clear net good). I’d really only strongly support this bill if it targeted just the COVID vax or mRNA vaccines generally until further study is done on them.
DOLLY – SUPPORT at one time I would agree, however the FDA is ALLOWING all kinds of stuff in our food, what are they putting in vaccines, immunizations we are not being told?
Taxes & Spending HB42 Def disabled veteran and service animal. Exempts veterinarian services from sale or service tax for disabled veteran’s service animal. E. Callaway
Support Low (Can wait) Reasonable def and exemptions. Not a high priority. S
Govt Regs HB43 Reqs that no change to a fire protection district which could result in lowering of their service rating shall be implemented without the Board calling a public meeting. J. Hodgson
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Good req, pretty common sense. Not a high priority. S
Elections HB44 Reqs a public listing of the number of voters by address. J. Hodgson
Support High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
This Bill may help get rid of the dead and moved voters and improve general voter roll integrity.
R/L: Good bill! It includes a public listing of the number of voters by address so citizens can check their own address and notify the state if there are too many voters listed at their address.
J P: Strongly Support this Bill. This is a no-brainer. Great provisions that should’ve already been law.
D G / J
Govt Regs HB45 Omnibus privacy bill, 5 categories of restrictions. Prohibits installation of a tracking device on person or property of another without their consent; exempts parental tracking of minors from the prohibition… J. Hodgson
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
Great bill. Installation of these trackers without a warrant violates the 4th Amendment spirit, if not law. Unlawful use of a tracking device is a Class A misdemeanor.
L: Prohibits retention of AI camera info, except in felony investigations, for more than 30 days (I’d argue this period should be far shorter, if not banned all together; tracking my whereabouts with AI for 1 second is too long). (*Note: Got worse in Comm Sub by expanding license plate reader information retention and sharing (LEO lobbying, no doubt).)
Prohibits use of drones by the state for spying except for reasonable exceptions.
Prohibits use of deep fakes (this is the section I have the most worries about on 1st Amendment grounds, as it is a cutting-edge area of the law and tech). Needs discussion as a lot of isses are addressed.
B / L
Education HB46 Open up KEES scholarships for non certified private and homeschool students with strong test scores. S. Rawlings
Support High (Pass this session) Expands the Kentucky educational excellence scholarship program to students who didn’t graduate from a public school in Kentucky (eg homeschoolers and other non-certified private schools), and sets parameters for that. The idea is that since “GPA” isn’t really a reliable way to evaluate these students, use performance on standardized tests (eg ACT) as an indicator of how good of a student they were/are/will be.
Same as SB7. Also same as SB24 from last session, which passed the Senate. It’s time to finally pass this.
Other HB47 Allows for persons to seek damages if their religious liberty is infringed. Expands present RIFRA. S. Rawlings
Support High (Pass this session) Since Covid it is important that Government be held accountable for attempting to limit religious freedom. This bill addresses that. This applies to local government as well, city or county. D
Health HB48 Estab right to refuse medical treatment. S. Rawlings
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) Very good bill.
Amendment: Should include a patient can decide if they want to be medical flighted to a hospital and it be on the back of their drivers license.
L: Not sure if “medi-flight” refusal belongs in this bill, though I suppose you should be able to refuse that. I would suggest language be added that a guardian can refuse treatment (though not examination) on the behalf of a minor under their care, so long as it doesn’t imminently threaten the life, or risk permanent disability, of the child.
Dol: AMEND to include OPT OUT option on back of license for medi-flight. Some ppl have shared their loved ones are being medi-flight for NON LIFE THREATENING injuries and if a person does not have medical flight stat insurance would put a financial burden on families. This could possibly and probably has caused many families to go bankrupt.
Health HB49 Protects professional who don’t want to perform types of medical procedures they are opposed to performing. S. Rawlings
Support High (Pass this session) No medical professional should be forced to perform any medical procedure that may go against their beliefs. D G / L
Taxes & Spending HB50 Codifies numerous reasonable regs on transfer of property deeds after death. (*Final Provision on Inheritance Taxes would be best debated as a separate bill.) S. Rawlings
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Significant improvements to streamline transfer of property after death. Should reduce the burden on probate courts. Overall, nothing objectionable here on the regulation side of things until the very end. Expanded version of HB72 last session.
Amendment: The last provision eliminates all inheritance taxes (eg KRS 140.070), as far as I can tell. That is a big change and really should be debated on its own merits. Take that out and debate it as its own bill and I’m on board with (SUPPORT) the rest of this
UPDATE: I have word that this amendment (to separate out the inheritance tax elimination) is in the works. In which case, some of these changes are beyond the scope of my expertise and will need to be combed through, but I’m in strong support of the idea of reform here which this bill does thoughtfully. Definitely needs a detailed committee hearing this time.
Education HB51 Reqs parental consent for school surveys. S. Rawlings
Support Medium (Committee review+) We are living in times we do not trust schools and shouldn’t. EVERYTHING the schools ask of students beyond the basic curriculum should have parental consent. D G / L
Health HB52 Reqs insurance coverage for screening, tests and procedures for detecting cancer. D. Frazier Gordon
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Should be covered. Ultimately, early detection rates may actually likely wind up reducing overall cost to the insurer anyway.
L: Note that KY has the highest cancer rates in the US.
Elections HB53 Details a planned, mandatory hand-to-eye audit of an election-day result for a randomly selected race in each county in order to validate results. J. Hodgson
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
J P: As an amendment/addition to the existing statute, this is an excellent concept; but auditing one race in one precinct is totally inadequate to provide sufficient proof against election fraud in a county the size of Jefferson. Auditing only one precinct may be reasonable and sufficient for the majority of rural counties that have only 10-20 voting precincts, but some of our more populated towns like Bowling Green, Paducah, Somerset, Ashland, etc. may have 30-100 precincts. Lexington obviously even more. Jefferson County, however, has over 670 precincts. Auditing one would prove little-to-nothing to the host of citizens who have legitimately lost faith in the integrity of voting machines and our voting system as a whole. The audit should be based on some reasonable, workable metric (sliding % of precincts?) at least a significant portion of which should be selected by the losing candidate of the most significant race in that election. The County Clerk can administer as prescribed, but should be accompanied at all times by two individuals, one selected by the losing candidate and one selected by the winning candidate. The oversight prescriptions sound reasonable and adequate. John O & L: I don’t know what happened to your comments. I apologize profusely if something I did erased them. They were very good and worthwhile. J / L
Business Regs HB54 WITHDRAWN S. Bratcher
Support Medium (Committee review+) W
Taxes & Spending HB55 Elim the Limited Liability entity tax after 2024. K. Fleming
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Similar to HB120, but whereas that one eliminates the tax only for small businesses, this seems to eliminate it altogether. I’m much more comfortable with HB120’s implementation (which is why this is marked oppose). Compromise position would be upping the gross receipts threshold in HB120 to $200K.
Side-note: How about we actually pass a real bill, instead of slipping tax changes (eg the pass-through entity tax break; tax exemptions for marketers and advertisers) into shell bills, as happened with HB360 last time?
Amendment: HB120 is a better implementation of this with a cap of $100K (I’d be fine with $200K) of gross receipts.
Govt Regs HB56 Allows for cross-state licensure of social workers with the (apparently 17) states in the compact. K. Fleming
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
No issue with this.
Honestly though, having all of these “compacts” is just a silly way of handling the hundreds of different professions in the state. We want more people willing to work in virtually every industry. I’ll go as far as to say that any employment reqs that we have above any other state, unless there is literally some state specific legal issue in question, is just an irrational barrier to entry (likely put in place by the people already in the industry to keep out wage competition). Just allow anyone with licensure in any state (so long as their licensure has not been suspended or revoked in any state) to work here (ala HB34).
Health HB57 Removes classification of ambulance services. Allows EMT or EMR with good standing in another state reciprocity at the same level. K. Fleming
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
No problem with this but not a high priority.
Good bill, if you are licensed in any state you should be licensed here.
Amendment: If your license has been suspended in any other state, you should have to go before a board or provide explanation.
Taxes & Spending HB58 Creates the Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Incentive Review Board. K. Fleming
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) Excellent idea, at minimum this needs committee discussion and refinement soon.
The gov’t has a responsibility to be good stewards of the taxpayer’s money. There have been several cases of massive incentive giveaways to private companies to induce them to start new factories, etc. in the state over the past half decade (some disastrous). We have also had a number of substantial changes to the tax code approved over that time (so benefitting particular industries). While not necessarily opposed to this activity under the right circumstance (given that other states are doing the same and it is a competitive market), we need to have a full economic assessment (ideally before a vote is taken) of (projected) ROI from any of these expenditures, and review/audit after they are made.
Amendment: GIVE THIS TEETH. Make it such that this board must convene, discuss, and produce a preliminary report BEFORE the GA can vote to approve any expenditure / incentive of this sort to induce a company to relocate or expand here. Otherwise, this is largely for show.
Taxes & Spending HB59 Allows the GA to arbitrarily determine property tax on anything (or eliminate it altogether). C. Massaroni
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) I think this is a bit too broad and aggressive, perhaps limit this to real property? It should be noted that property taxes will inevitably wind up being replaced by more regressive taxes (where the poor pay a higher proportion, even if assessed at the same percent rate, of their income than the wealthy). Nevertheless, if the people want to vote for that on a ballot, fine.
If you want to do this bill so it will pass on the ballot, it needs to appear much shorter than this (esp. when there are more important items it will compete for space and attention this year). In another year, perhaps you could get away with the long text.
Transportation HB60 Reqs Transp Cabinet provide one permanent full-time driver license office in each Senatorial district. C. Massaroni
Support High (Pass this session) Definitely needs to be done. Same as SB91. Similar to, but I think better than HB217 and HB250.
The “regional office” shift has left too few places and req people to go too far to get these services. 40 of these is probably closer to the right number.
Amendment: Generally best to combine these with a county clerk’s offices (as in HB250), for efficiency’s safe. Also, may only need 1 for every 2 senate districts in Fayette and Jefferson Counties where senate districts are tightly packed.
Taxes & Spending HB61 This would increase the homestead exemption to 50% of first $250,000 of value of the home. R. Dotson
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) R: Will require amendment to the KY Constitution. There may be better options.
L: I don’t think this requires a constitutional amendment, there just happens to be a constitutional section related to this but changes above and beyond that section of the constitution can be made. Is this the best implementation? I’m not sure of that (I do like it), there have been several other proposals made just this session (eg freezing property valuations at age 65; which seems biased to benefit people living in booming areas of the state; eg HB112). Maybe a combination of these ideas is in order?
Taxes & Spending HB62 Allows the GA to set an arbitrary exemption threshold amount for property tax for seniors and the disabled (currently $6500) each year. R. Dotson
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Not sure we can trust that they would raise it significantly, but not sure if they might even decide to lower it when searching for new revenue.
Amendment: May possibly support if they lock in the $6500 exemption as a minimum baseline.
Health HB63 Reqs insurance coverage of an annual pap smear without cost sharing. K. Banta
Support Low (Can wait) It is only recommended once every three years.
Perhaps this should be tailored to those at high risk? Otherwise, no real issue here.
Health HB64 Exempts menstrual discharge devices from sales and use tax. K. Banta
Support Low (Can wait) No huge objection, but not a high priority. S
Courts & Crimes HB65 Reqs post incarceration supervision for certain felony sex crimes. K. Banta
Support Medium (Committee review+) No problem with this. High recidivism rate here, so extra supervision is reasonable. S
Courts & Crimes HB66 Expands sex crime definition to include possession (or distribution) of child pornography. K. Banta
Support Low (Can wait) Pretty obvious that distributing child pornography should be considered a sex crime. It seems an oversight, more than anything, that this isn’t already the law. L
Courts & Crimes HB67 Reqs sex offenders registered after effective date of act live at least 3K feet (instead of 1K) from schools, parks, or daycares. K. Banta
Support Low (Can wait) No particular problem with this, but housing 3K feet from any park, school, or daycare starts to be difficult to find in highly urban areas. There is some limit where this becomes an absurd burden (that probably isn’t 3K feet though). L
Transportation HB68 Incr renewal fees for certain personalized license plates. Allows vanity plates on RVs. K. Banta
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Fee increase goes to charitable groups, but still an unnecessary increase.
L: OK, seems to be an increase only on vanity plates and the increase goes to charity. On the one hand, it’s good that it is voluntary and goes to charity. On the other hand, it’s not great that plates cost more.
Amendment: Wouldn’t it be better to have the plates cost less at base, and just allow people to donate to charity when they purchase the cheaper plate?
S / L
Courts & Crimes HB69 Prohibits the release on bond the subject of a protective order when the bond is paid by the person the order is meant to protect. D. Frazier Gordon
Support Low (Can wait) Reasonable. Don’t need to be protecting someone who doesn’t want it. S
Govt Regs HB70 Grants to help farmers to have healthy soil. N. Kulkarni
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) See NH HB1700 {2024) to verify Bill to stop weather modification and cloud seeding. What chemicals are being used and are the chemicals harmful to our soil and environment? The sponsor of NH HB1700 should be called to get a better understanding as to what is going on. D G
Courts & Crimes HB71 Expunges records of minors who commit crimes. N. Kulkarni
Oppose Low (Can wait) I have been told minors are being paid huge amounts to destroy property. Minors are intentionally being chosen to commit crimes because their records will be expunged. D G
Health HB72 Decrim of personal use cannabis, cannabis extract and paraphernalia. Expunges records of those convicted. N. Kulkarni
Oppose Oppose (friendly) This bill is a half measure. It would legalize growing or possession of personal use cannabis but leave criminal growing or possession of more than personal use amounts. Most people don’t have the inclination or ability to grow their own, so must purchase from a supplier, which is still illegal. If you want to push for legalization, go all in. Don’t try to push it increments. S
Business Regs HB73 WITHDRAWN N. Kulkarni
Education HB74 AN ACT relating to urban youth agriculture education. N. Kulkarni
Business Regs HB75 Reqs a landlord to store a previous tenants property for 21 days and notify tenant by certified mail that the landlord has their possessions. N. Kulkarni
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Extra cost added to the landlord is unnecessary. If the tenant wanted the property, they should have taken it with them.
L: I’m not entirely opposed to this, esp. the certified mail that they receive. You can’t otherwise take someone else’s mail. Perhaps the better way to handle the property aspect would be to require that these provisions be included in any rental agreement.
Business Regs HB76 This is a complete repeal and replacement of KRS 383.545 regarding landlord/tenant relations. N. Kulkarni
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) This is a 62 page bill, and does not show the previous language. It completely replaces a previous statute, so I can’t compare the new language with the old language. I am working my way through, but it is difficult to know what clauses might be problematic. Until I can read through it I will state Oppose. At L’s suggestion I have suspended my review of this bill. JO J O
Business Regs HB77 Creates Interstate Massage License Compact. Establishes rules for the Board and governance. DJ Johnson
Support Low (Can wait) Could help with interstate trafficking enforcement. S
Business Regs HB78 Allows game meat to be distributed to correctional facilities for the purpose of consumption B. Wesley
Support Low (Can wait) As the law stands now, game meat can be distributed by appropriate non profits or government entities for educational purposes and to those who are deemed in need of this source of food but did not include correctional facilities. This bill simply allows game meat to be distributed to correctional facilities as well. It is for the consumption by inmates. The provisions are the meat must be taken form the Commonwealth of Kentucky, be properly field dressed, and apparently disease free. D
Govt Regs HB79 Reqs applicant for a driver’s license to be able to read and understand English in order to read traffic signs. B. Wesley
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) While this MIGHT help make the roads safer, the reality is that the only english on road signs are a handful of 1-2 word phrases (stop, yield, mile, left, right) and most actually have pictures on them.
Amendment: While familiarity with these words and symbols should be on the written exam even if taken in a foreign language (demonstrating the minimal familiarity necessary), it seems this bill as currently written is excessively onerous toward ESL speakers.
Govt Regs HB80 Restricts KY Lottery or Corporation, its board or employees, from releasing name or likeness of any winner of a lottery prize who elects to have their identity withheld K. Banta
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
(Committee sub makes this any amount.) Solid bill, the rare person that comes into this level of money quickly can be the target of both scammers and thieves.
Amendment: This was probably a better bill with the threshold being $1M.
If the bill is going to stay as committee subbed and eliminate any threshold amount for anonymity opt-in, then the bill should have the default position being anonymity for the winner, with the winner having to OPT-OUT of anonymity to have their likeness used (perhaps for a fee).
Courts & Crimes HB81 Allows that entry of judgment of a conviction for certain offenses operates as an application for an order of protection against the victim which can be for life. K. Banta
Support Medium (Committee review+) Victim has the right to refuse. S
Courts & Crimes HB82 Adds computer generated image, picture or motion picture to the description for child pornography. K. Banta
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good addition. We don’t need loopholes for the distributors to be able to use to avoid prosecution.

L: The bigger point here is that the quality of AI imagery has made these images virtually indistinguishable from actual people. However, I suspect that this might run into 1st Amendment challenge given that no actual human being is depicted.

Transportation HB83 Allows personalized license plates for recreational vehicles. Sets the price and increases the cost for certain other plates. K. Banta
Only If Amended Low (Can wait) Fine with adding personalized plates for RVs.
Price set for purchase and renewal ($51) is too high. Take out the price increases on the others.
Transportation HB84 Decr cost of personalized license plates to $43. K. Banta
Support Low (Can wait) Fine, not a high priority. I have no strong feeling about what these fees should be. L
Business Regs HB85 Decr number of emergency medical or mine emergency technicians req’d from two to one if no more than 10 employees on that shift. B. Wesley
Support Low (Can wait) Reasonable request, but not a high priority. S
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB86 Allow interment of National Guard or Reserve soldiers in KY state veterans cemeteries. B. Wesley
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
This is only for those killed while deployed on active duty. S
Govt Regs HB87 Permit the child, grandchild or sibling of a deceased birth parent or deceased adoptee to be given the right to inspect adoption papers and records. J. Blanton
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Reasonable but not a high priority. S
Business Regs HB88 Prohibit various financial scams: entities from pretending to be a bank, or financial services company; bar real estate services companies from entering contracts for more than 2 years. M. Meredith
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
No significant issues with this.
Amendment: I don’t love the ability of a financial services company to sue (even without actual damages), but not have to pay attorney fees and a penalty if they lose. These are usually extremely wealthy, powerful institutions that can destroy people’s lives through frivolous lawsuits.
A quibble, the word Trust, esp. when not clearly used as a noun, doesn’t imply “banking institution” to most people (that’s already in existing law, dumb as it may be).
Business Regs HB89 Prohibits employers from asking or considering an applicant’s criminal history for the purpose of hiring. G. Brown Jr.
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Employers have every right to know the criminal history of their applicants. S
Courts & Crimes HB90 WITHDRAWN R. Roberts
Business Regs HB91 AN ACT relating to metal recyclers. R. Roberts
Health HB92 Allows patient or guardian to sign away a provision of a living will. Reqs caregiver to inform patient of the right to transfer service to another provider. M. Dossett
Support Low (Can wait) Good provision but not a high priority. S
Govt Regs HB93 Estab yet another woke board with a budget. M. Dossett
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Not needed. Wrap this into one of the existing ag boards’ purview.
Same as HB384 from last session.J P: Agree, not needed. Woke DEI initiative related to local food production looking for taxpayer
R /Ji
Govt Regs HB94 Propose to amend the Constitution to allow the Assembly to meet throughout the year but no later than December 30. M. Lockett
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Steve: The Assembly needs to finish its business by the Constitutionally mandated date. No longer.
Dol: Not to exceed past date of Nov 1st (UNLESS SEVERE STATE OF EMERGENCY) of any given year and the public should know what Bills will be voted on.
L: I’m inclined to like this amendment (though not this year), it doesn’t add any additional days to the legislative calendar, but it does allow the legislature to arrange them however they want. This could allow the legislature to operate more efficiently, and to address Governor overreach when out of session. I fear it will be used to reduce gov’t transparency however, by having ALL business decided in between small short sessions, leadership picking the bills to be rubber-stamped and legislators just showing up to vote yes with no feedback from constituents (and the reason I likely would oppose it as is).
Amendment: Better to add a 2nd summer period during which the same number of days (or even expanding to 45 days in the short session) can be allocated.
Courts & Crimes HB95 Makes it a crime, theft of services, to hold rented personal property beyond the term of the rental agreement. M. Lockett
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Seems reasonable, if you keep it beyond the terms of the agreement, you ARE effectively committing theft.
L: Presumably this doesn’t apply to something like turning a rental car in a day late, correct? Maybe only holding property, without restitution, for more than 25% beyond the contracted length could become a criminal offense (to keep common overstays or delays from becoming crimes)?
Education HB96 Reqs K-12 schools to have a 1 to 2 minute moment of silence at schools. D. Fister
Support High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
Good idea. This may be a long enough period of silence to become awkward and create discipline problems, but kids will adjust.
Amendment: Could make it 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
Transportation HB97 Bumps up the fees on a selection of several personalized/specialty license plates by $5. D. Elliott
Support Low (Can wait) No issue with this. Not a high priority. L
Courts & Crimes HB98 Reqs anyone over 18 that engages in a crim conspiracy with a minor be subject to the same penalty for that offense. Moves possession of a handgun by a minor in a crime to a Class D felony and each subsequent offense a Class C felony. DJ Johnson
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good bill. May reduce instances of gangs using minors for their deeds.
Will need to be integrated into HB5 to pass, I think a similar protocol is in that bill, but with the co-conspirator with a minor getting 1 class higher penalty than the minor (which I actually like better).
Taxes & Spending HB99 Makes various technical changes to the administration of KPPA. Doesn’t significantly affect benefits or liabilities. DJ Johnson
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Actuarial analysis indicates that benefits and liabilities are not expected to be affected. There may be slight decrease in administrative expenses as a result of the amended disability review process. L
Govt Regs HB100 Removes the small fee for getting a copy of their birth certificate for homeless people. S. Witten
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Looks as though this is already codified into the statute.
L: Agreed, I don’t actually see what this changes in the statute… no problem with it though, as long as there are identity verification standards in place.
Amendment: May want to limit the number of free copies per person.
Taxes & Spending HB101 Exempts currency and bullion from sales and use tax. (*Don’t like carve outs, but these function as a common medium of exchange.) S. Doan
Support Medium (Committee review+) Very important to get this enacted due to recent actions by the Fed Reserve and the inflationary acts of Congress. All of these things are used as mediums of exchange, and for the same reason we don’t tax dollars themselves, we shouldn’t tax these. Same as HB213 from last session, and almost same as SB105, same as SB121. L
Govt Regs HB102 Prohibits local political entities from restricting the use of private property outside of a homeowners association. S. Doan
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) This needs vetting in a committee this cycle as it is a pressing issue/need. Note: Florida passed something similar to this a few years back.
The idea is to allow housing developers to have more freedom to build multi-family dwellings in cities which tend to zone too many things as single-family dwelling. We do need more affordable housing in our cities, and that requires higher housing density. While I’m a strong supporter of individual property rights, this may go too far in restricting what local government can prohibit.
Amendment: Perhaps a less “local mandate” approach to this legitimate issue is to require counties of a certain population or population density (ie urban) to have a comprehensive zoning strategy which includes expansion of multi-family zoning, and multi-income housing development, within certain parameters. (Allow cities to design their own plans, but give parameters within which they must design.)
S / L
Health HB103 Allows the parent or personal representative of a minor to access their medical records. S. Doan
Support Medium (Committee review+) Same as HB174. S
Courts & Crimes HB104 Increase Circuit and District Court pay for jurors from $5 to $50. Strikes out the $7.50 per day reimbursement. D. Frazier Gordon
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Not a bad idea, but SB22 increases it to $150 (HB176 to 25).
Amendment: L: Let’s split the difference at $100 on all of these jury bills with $50 for half day.
HB176, HB104, SB22 are all similar. See commentary on SB22.
Taxes & Spending HB105 Provides a monthly stipend (on top of free tuition) to foster kids in college. D. Frazier Gordon
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Honestly, free tuition in itself is a massive allocation per person by the state. We are adding a hefty monthly stipend too? Seems a bit excessive. If we are going to help out families (kids) who adopt or foster more (not opposed to that), do it when the kids are younger and in the house. L
Govt Regs HB106 Remove req to have more than 5 acres to hunt on one’s own land and need for a fishing license to fish in private pond. S. Maddox
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) Fixes law change from SB241 last session. Needs to have emergency declaration for immediate effect. Similar to SB5 and HB217, but with better fishing provision. S
Education HB107 WITHDRAWN W. Lawrence
Education HB108 Prohibits using English language learners assessment scores in their 1st two years of enrollment in public schools. K. Jackson
Support Medium (Committee review+) Not a bad idea, it isn’t really fair to expect a new language learner to achieve at the same level as a native speaker until they have a chance to establish some fluency.
This means for school level assessments… Kids will individually continue to be tested.
Govt Regs HB109 Reqs Cabinet for Health and Family Services to classify non residential pools that are open to the public. K. Jackson
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Cabinet would decide whether a lifeguard is needed.
L: I’m inclined toward this being over-regulation, but pools actually are exceptionally dangerous to children, which maybe warrants this.
Taxes & Spending HB110 AN ACT relating to appropriations providing financing and conditions for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the Transportation Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. D. Graham
Taxes & Spending HB111 Proposes to exempt property tax valuation from increasing after homeowner turns 65. T. Huff
Support Medium (Committee review+) Similar to SB23. Good proposal, probably best to implement it as a regular bill, HB112.
L: I think the amendment is so long it will lessen the chance of it passing. Nevertheless, I do generally like this implementation of the homestead exemption.
I do think there should be a limit if you make substantial money using your primary residence for a commercial activity (eg owning 1K+ acres of land on a farm, you are making significant profit to pay the taxes and are already getting property tax breaks, so why the tax break?).
S / L
Taxes & Spending HB112 Freezes assessed value of a property when the owner claims the homestead exemption. T. Huff
Support High (Pass this session) Good bill. Implements HB111 as a regular bill.
L: I’d suggest exempting the 1st 100K in primary residence property value as well (eg something like HB61). That way you advantage both people in highly appreciating areas (this bill) and also poor retirees (that bill).
A case could be made that this shouldn’t apply if someone over 65 has over 100K in income from any source.
Courts & Crimes HB113 Enhanced penalties for fleeing or evading the police. S. Baker
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good requirement that someone convicted must serve at least half of their sentence.
L: Fine with this, probably will need to be integrated into the HB5 to make it into law this cycle.
HB114 AN ACT relating to appropriations measures providing funding and establishing conditions for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its various officers, cabinets, departments, boards, commissions, institutions, subdivisions, agencies, and other state-supported activities. D. Graham
Health HB115 Reqs coverage for any covered diagnostic or supplemental breast exam without cost sharing for state employees. K. Moser
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Not a huge concern with this, but not a high priority. S
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB116 Provides for reimbursement of expenses for firefighters’ blood tests for PFAS (“forever chemicals”) contamination. N. Kulkarni
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Same as HB159.
I don’t know that this is a bad bil, but it may be a bit out in front of the science. Apparently these sorts of chemicals (nearly 15K kinds are known) are present in some firefighting foams (I assume the reason firefighters are included here), as well as carpeting, packaging, etc. They are found in levels above the EPA recommended level in MANY public tap water locations (incl the Louisville area). Currently, how these chemicals relate to the certainty of detrimental effects on humans is inconclusive, according to the EPA.Encouraging testing for something that isn’t known for sure to be dangerous, and which are found in the environment and tap water, has litigation and frivolous lawsuits written all over it.
Amendment: Put a start date of 2026 on this and I’d probably be on board. The state should consider banning these chemicals at the point, if the science continues to come back as very dangerous.
Business Regs HB117 AN ACT relating to professions and occupations. N. Kulkarni
HB118 AN ACT relating to unemployment insurance. N. Kulkarni
Education HB119 Allows homeschoolers to participate in public school extracurricular activities (eg band, sports). R. Dotson
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) It’s time for this bill to finally get a look and discussion after multiple years (Was HB119 last time; the House passed a Tebow bill (this should be much broader than that, as the sports stuff is the MOST controversial) back in 2017!). Good bill, these parents are taxpayers as well, why shouldn’t their kids be able to make use of public school resources for their kids?

Amendments: Why INTERscholastic, why not scholastic as well (drama club, chess club, whatever)? Why only homeschool, why not any private school without an extracurricular?
Restrict participation in sports to the geographically nearest public school with the activity to their home within their county (since Jefferson has a crazy busing policy).
Req parents to have health insurance and/or sign a liability waiver. With these amendments, this becomes one of the highest priority bills of the session.

Taxes & Spending HB120 Prevent a business with gross receipts less than $100,000 from paying the limited liability entity tax. P. Flannery
Support Medium (Committee review+) Would help very small businesses by saving up to $175 per year.
L: I’d be fine upping the gross receipts threshold to $200K, which is still quite a small business, likely barely getting by. Similar to, but better than, HB55.
Transportation HB121 Allows registered and insured off highway vehicles that meet certain criteria to be allowed on KY highways. P. Flannery
Support Low (Can wait) Can be regulated by local ordinance. S
Govt Regs HB122 Dep of Revenue must publish administrative writings within 120 days. P. Flannery
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good requirement to increase transparency. S
Taxes & Spending HB123 Excl military pensions from state income tax. W. Thomas
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) We don’t exempt pensions for public servants, etc. As a rule of thumb, I’m not a fan of carve outs for preferred groups of either the left OR the right.
Amendment: I could perhaps see this exemption for disabled veterans.
Dol: In regards to military – There Should be a tax on 2nd state pensions. Pension should revert back to one pension and if rehired NO SECOND PENSION for military. Details would have to be worked out, possibly an outside task force, I would be willing to be on the task force, WITHOUT pay. On the state level pensions (which is not related to military pensions,), we do not know how in debt the pension system is because lawmakers passed a law several years ago that taxpayers could not find out.
Business Regs HB124 Req hiring and licensing authorities to establish an application process that gives persons convicted of a crime an opportunity to apply for a position before pursuing training. Adds criteria to consider. E. Callaway
Support Medium (Committee review+) Not a bad proposal, relatively minor change.
Once someone has paid their debt to society, they should have opportunities.
L: This at least keeps them from having to waste their time. We need to really work on more ways to get previous criminals a way to find jobs.
S / L
Education HB125 AN ACT relating to school personnel. B. Chester-Burton
Health HB126 Reqs homeless shelters receiving state funds to provide feminine hygiene and contraception products. B. Chester-Burton
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) The bill is mis-named. It requires homeless shelters receiving state funds to provide certain feminine hygiene products, as one would expect from the title of a bill described as “relating to menstrual products.” It also requires the provision of sex-related contraceptive products; specifically – condoms, dental dams and emergency contraceptives. Many religiously-based shelters will find this contrary to their teaching. Oppose this bill unless lines B, C and E are removed. I’m not sure how much of a problem this is. I would bet that most shelters currently provide tampons and pads without a government requirement. J O
Business Regs HB127 Defs mobile salon and reqs establishing criteria for inspections. G. Brown Jr.
Support Low (Can wait) Not sure how big a problem this is. Not a high priority. S
Govt Regs HB128 Reqs any business dealing with government contracts or receiving government funding provides a living wage equal to 130 percent of the poverty level in that county. K. Herron
Only If Amended Oppose (bad bill) Why should these gov’t contractors be held to a different standard here? If anything, require that they may only employ US citizens with verification. L
Taxes & Spending HB129 Exclude veteran’s wages from taxation for 4 years. S. McPherson
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Why does being a veteran mean that your wages after leaving the military shouldn’t be taxed? Don’t some people leave the military before they are 30 yo?
Amendment: Perhaps I could see a disabled veteran exemption for non-rental/landlord income or capital gains/investment.
Govt Regs HB130 Most of changes this bill provides involve allowing for conditions to dissolve a water conservation district. S. McPherson
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
This bill amends a bill for governing the water conservation districts which are subsections of soil conservation districts. It provides a path to eliminating the water conservation district and defines what happens to the authority that the directors of the water conservation district had. The authority reverts back to the soil conservation district in which the water conservation district existed, or if the water conservation district was in multiple soil conservation districts the authority is shared amongst the multiple soil conservation districts. The funds controlled by the dissolved water conservation district revert back to the soil conservation district. This bill also defines how to fill vacancies on the water conservation district boards. This seems to be a useful bill but is not a high priority. The highest I would rate this bill would be medium priority. M
Health HB131 Allows an employer to take a tax credit for time lost for an employee who participates in a live organ donation. S. McPherson
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good idea, to encourage companies to allow employees to be organ donors. S
Business Regs HB132 Enhanced penalties for selling alcohol to a minor or facilitating a minor’s possession. S. McPherson
Support Low (Can wait) No problem with this. S
Taxes & Spending HB133 Provides a $1000 tax credit for volunteer firefighters. A. Tackett Laferty
Oppose Oppose (friendly) Not a bad thought, but not sure this incentive would be enough to entice someone to become a firefighter. S
Taxes & Spending HB134 Decr taxes on retirement distribution by excluding the first 41K, rather than 31K of distributions. A. Tackett Laferty
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) With inflation gas, food, etc… I see why this is necessary. BUT ONLY for a first pension. D G
Business Regs HB135 Local gov’t can’t compel a waste service company to release confidential business information. J. Bauman
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Not a big priority.
Amendment: this seems like a odd carve out for this industry, hence opposed even though I’m sympathetic to not having to produce this information generally. What motivated it? If there a more general principle here for which businesses shouldn’t be compelled to disclose client information then put all of these in here.
Govt Regs HB136 Adds “the air pollution control board” as controlling authority in KRS Chapter 77 (putting Louisville under APCB control). Indemnifies companies from fines if they self-report violations of pollution standards. J. Bauman
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Amends statute to include the wording “air pollution control board” to be included with the existing wording defining ‘the cabinet’ as the controlling authority. It really doesn’t change any function of self reporting or auditing. It just adds “air pollution control board” to also be an authority to report to with voluntary audit results. It also establishes that the “air pollution control board” cannot pursue civil penalties if the violation has been fixed within 60 days of the report.
L: this bill is making many more modifications to the law than it appears on 1st glance. When references are made to Chapter 77 that means air pollution regulations within/from the largest city in every county in the state (including all of Louisville). This bill basically means that companies who pollute the air around Louisville can voluntarily report that they did so when it is discovered and not suffer fines for those violations.
Amendment: I don’t have a core problem with the changes made by this amendment (which puts regulations of Louisville on a similar tier as much of the rest of the state), but I think there needs to be extensive discussion about Section (2)(8), whether voluntary disclosure of bad action should grant immunity from APCB fines. Doing something wrong, then owning up to it before caught, in other contexts usually earns some good will and reduced punishment, but not eliminated punishment.
M / L
Govt Regs HB137 Removes local residency reqs for assistant county attorneys. S. Bratcher
Only If Amended Oppose (bad bill)
*Passed House
A bulk of these county attorneys SHOULD be required to live in or near the county where they practice, they DO need to have some connection to the communities they represent.
Amendment: Perhaps a better alternative would be a bill that makes a provision for a certain % of hours (and hence a small number of employees) being filled by remote work within the state. Even more simple would be making the restriction within 70 miles (commuting distance).
Education HB138 AN ACT relating to service credit for the Teachers’ Retirement System and declaring an emergency. D. Grossberg
Taxes & Spending HB139 Estab KentuckyCYBER board within the CPE, allowing for universities to start cyber security centers that work with local businesses. W. Thomas
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) This is a complement to SB33 last session that didn’t pass. I like this bill for local university hubs to help beef up business and community cybersecurity. I still think Nemes’ UL cybersecurity center makes a lot of sense as an upper echelon research center that perhaps coordinates with Fort Knox, perhaps coordinating work with the other university centers from this bill.
Very similar to HB319, but that one has a member of leadership on it (so…). This bill has the slightly more expansive non academic role in private sector development in section (1)(3) and I think is the slightly better bill.
Govt Regs HB140 Removes the req to have 5 acres or more to hunt or fish on one’s land without a license. M. Hart
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Need to include that a non-owner can fish without a license with owner’s permission, from HB106. Similar to SB5 and HB217. S
Govt Regs HB141 Allows local water systems to opt out of fluoridation programs. M. Hart
Support Medium (Committee review+) Great bill. This allows for local control of decisions related to health. S
Business Regs HB142 Estab a vapor retail license regulated by Dep of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Provides criminal penalties for distributing nicotine products to people under 21. M. Hart
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
This bill drastically changed from introduced, becoming directed toward nicotine products in schools. HB11 does some of the functionality of the old bill.
Amendment: My resistance to section 1 is that there is no license requirement for selling tobacco products in the state of Kentucky, so it’s quite odd that you would need a vape license. We should have both Tobacco and Vape licensing (in which case, change the name of the board to Alcohol and Nicotine Control) or neither.
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB143 Allows State Police Retirement System or a hazardous position in the KY Employees Retirement System to select the old guaranteed pension option for a decade ago. R. Roberts
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Should this be the employees 2nd pension, it should stay “as is” and does not need to revert back to the old system. Where else in the private sector are you allowed to get 2 pensions?
L: Why are we rolling back to a prior pension program that puts the state in greater liability when we have $65B or so outstanding? I get that we owe first responders a debt, but that debt can’t bankrupt the state.
Health HB144 Prohibits health care provider which receives more than 10% of its funds from the state from enforcing a “do not compete” clause. S. Doan
Support Medium (Committee review+) Protects employees rights. S
Health HB145 Under penalty of fines, hospitals must disclose what they charge for all goods and services they offer. S. Doan
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) This is a good way to start to control skyrocketing costs. The bill will make the hospitals show charges that are shoppable and they must list them anew each year. All goods and services the hospital offers must be listed in a “chargemaster” list. The thing I like is that it must be presented in plain language free of charge. This is the start of better competition for services hospitals offer. How many times have you gotten a bill with no explanation of what you are charged for? This is a step in the right direction of market forces driving down prices.
Amendment: I didn’t see where this was extended to rehab and nursing facilities but it should be included.
Business Regs HB146 Reqs a child care staff member who turns 18 shall submit fingerprints for a background check within 30 days of their 18th birthday. M. Clines
Support Low (Can wait) Are minors employed by child care centers not required to have a background check? S
Taxes & Spending HB147 Reqs question on ballot to ask the voter if they are FOR any tax increase rather than an ambiguous or confusing question. Estab the timing of the vote to be “next regular election”. K. Fleming
Support High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
R: This is a bill we requested after our experience with the school tax recall petition. KY Supreme Ct. allowed the school board to violate the requirements under the law, saying the legislature had not considered the possibility that the tax rolls would be certified late in the year. This makes sure it is clear that they have considered and provided for that possibility. Also, we hope it will ensure that the ballot question will be clear in any future tax recall. M
HB148 Reqs at least half of the non-male exclusive bathrooms in a public school have menstrual discharge devices for no charge. L. Willner
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) Fine, low priority, and really the parents should pay for these, but… limited cost.
Amendment: Have an explicit prohibition against presence of these in boys bathroom.
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB149 Prohibits the use of the KY National Guard outside KY in a war zone without a declaration from Congress. C. Massaroni
Support Medium (Committee review+) Protect Our Guard.
Amendment: I actually don’t think it should be only war zones, ALSO National Guard shouldn’t be allowed to be deployed without approval of both the Governor and General Assembly and out of state without a declaration of emergency.
Taxes & Spending HB150 Exempt motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, trailers and semi trailers from state and local ad valorem (proportionate to assessed value) taxes. P. Flannery
Oppose Oppose (friendly) Generally good to see another form of taxation go away. However, this clearly favors the wealthy. There SHOULD be more tax on a Ferrari than a Ford.
Not sure how local governments will be able to replace this revenue stream
Elections HB151 Extends voting hours until 7:00 p.m. C. Aull
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Twelve hours is enough time for the polls to be open. Would make for a longer day for poll workers.

J P: OPPOSE! Completely unnecessary. Citizens have plenty of time to vote.

Elections HB152 Removes straight ticket voting option for elections. C. Aull
Oppose Oppose (friendly) Keeps people from double voting (not an actual concern) or from missing down ballot nonpartisan races and issues.
L: No chance the Republicans are giving up the straight ticket advantage after it helped Democrats for decades. I suggest they move the non-partisan races to a separate election year (see SB10 notes), move non-partisan to the top of the ballot ahead of the straight ticket option, or require election workers to read a script alerting voters to non-partisan races that must be individually selected at the bottom.
Elections HB153 Reqs KY electors vote for the winner of the national popular vote. C. Aull
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Absolutely not. Why would smaller states give up the advantage that they have through the electoral college?

J P: HIGHLY OPPOSE ! This would mean the end of our Republic. Exactly what Dems want.

L /Ji
Business Regs HB154 Doubles civil penalties for employers cited for workplace safety violations. B. Chester-Burton
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) This bill essentially doubles civil penalties for businesses cited for safety violations. It is simply a tightening of the clamps on employers. J O
Courts & Crimes HB155 Allow criminal misconduct against a spouse to be considered in disposition of marital property. Provide that a spouse convicted of a felony against the other may not be entitled to claim retirement or life insurance as marital property. S. Dietz
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
No problem with this. Not a high priority though.
L: I do worry about possible unintended consequences, could it lead to increased prosecutions in marital disputes in order to establish an advantage in possible divorce settlements? There is also a 5 year look-back provision here. It seems like one spouse could hold this over the other.
S / L
Transportation HB156 Reqs vehicles operating on the highway with iron, steel or wood wheels be equipped with a rubber strip. W. Thomas
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Seems to be targeting the Amish.
L: I agree, it’s definitely targeting the Amish and Mennonite community in particular. Where does one, especially an Amish person, get such a rubber strip for these custom wheels? Also, a $20 fine is nothing compared to having to travel all the way to court and then pay court fees. Surely there is a less onerous way to implement this policy objective.
Amendment: Where can these rubber strips be found? Why not just pay to provide them to the Amish?
S / L
Courts & Crimes HB157 Makes law enforcement using deception to interrogate a minor illegal. K. Herron
Support Medium (Committee review+) Long overdue.
L: I thought this was already illegal, as was questioning a minor without a lawyer or guardian. No? If not, we definitely need this.
Education HB158 Reqs local boards of ed to develop policies on dyslexia. Reqs postsecondary teacher ed programs to include instruction on dyslexia. T. Bojanowski
Support Low (Can wait) Confined to grades 1 through 3. Good to require implementation. S
Business Regs HB159 Health care provider shall be immune from criminal liability for any harm or damages alleged to arise from an act or omission relating to the provision of health services. P. Flannery
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly)
*Passed House
This appears to be a blanket immunity from the Covid malpractice and forcing of vaccines. Not accepting it. Must be held accountable or it will happen again.
R: I was relieved to see that this was just immunity from criminal liability, not from civil liability. The provider still could be held financially responsible for damage done but would not risk going to prison. It still is a bad bill. If a health care provider intentionally harms a patient, they should be at risk for criminal prosecution.
L: I’m OK with this having an “only if amended” status, based upon how broad the def of provider is. I think a lot of the concerns here are addressed in subsection (2) this is only criminal, not civil, liability immunity, and (3) providers are still criminally liable for “gross negligence or wanton, willful, malicious, or intentional misconduct,” this immunity is really just for good faith accidents or errors.
Amendment: Should be restricted to just actual medical providers, not just any employee of a health facility.
S / L
Other HB160 Constitutional Amend. guaranteeing the right to possess, use, and grow a small amount of marijuana. N. Kulkarni
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Why is this being proposed as a Constitutional Amendment? Marijuana will still remain illegal in federal law, it being in the state constitution doesn’t supercede that. Just file this as a regular law. I don’t have a strong position on the concept, but it makes no sense in the constitution. L
Elections HB161 Prevents a recent change of precinct names or numbers from keeping a candidate off the ballot. J. Branscum
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
No issue with this. Given the number of people in house leadership on the sponsor list, it seems likely that one of their preferred candidates in a race was affected. Whether that’s true or not:
Amendment: Why not eliminate a LOT of the purposeless reqs to file for office that serve only to exclude mostly outsiders from appearing on a ballot while we are at it: most notably 2 notarized signature from 2 members of the party in your voting district. A mistake here keeps someone from appearing on the ballot every cycle (usually from east or west kentucky where it is harder to rush someone to the capitol to re-sign the paperwork)?
Education HB162 Reqs improvement in math instruction, assessment and teacher quality of instruction J. Tipton
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
This is a no brainer..This basically requires the Dept of Ed to make sure kids are tested and proficient in mathematics from fourth through eighth grade, that tracking and testing is better, and that teachers are better selected and trained to be qualified to teach math. I would go further and add ancillary tutoring services. D
Health HB163 Reqs blood collection establishment to track donor’s history of COVID-19 illness or vaccination status and label collected blood. J. Decker
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) States “If the donor fails to provide the manufacturer name of the COVID-19 vaccine, the donor may be required to wait before donating blood. ” This should be changed to “shall be required. ” Would also like to see a patient’s right to refuse COVID-19 vaccine tainted blood. S
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB164 Incr non-spouse dependant lump sum pay for state employee in hazardous duty from $10,000 to the average monthly pay times 36. S. Witten
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Seems like a massive bump in pay, but not sure how often this would be used.
L: Actuarial analysis suggest once, but maybe a couple more were unaccounted for, per 5 year period. At $4K per month which would probably be on the low end, this is $144K per dependent (not sure why the actuarial analysis divides this in 2). Still, not a huge issue with this.
Business Regs HB165 Reqs licensing and registration for bouncers. K. Moser
Oppose Oppose (friendly) More bureaucracy and red tape.
L: I don’t necessarily oppose some sort of training to avoid lethal interactions, not just anyone should be a bouncer, but how to do that without creating needless bureaucracy isn’t totally clear. Worthy of more thought.
Health HB166 Doctors required to inform epilepsy patients about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). J. Nemes
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Not a high priority. S
Business Regs HB167 Exempts req that a dealer provide name, address and phone number of previous owner if previous owner has not given written consent. J. Dixon
Oppose Oppose (friendly)
*Passed House
Dealer not required to ask for the information and can just deny that he has it. Fewer requirements is clearly good for a dealer, but may not be good for the new buyer.
L: There are many reasons that a new car owner may need to know the prior owner of a car and where this information would need to be tracked (off the top of my head: something left in the car, some criminal connection to the car, hit & run, hidden problem with the car…). When a person is selling a car for scrap, does this info also have to be collected?
This received ZERO discussion on the floor or in committee. I’m less oppose than in search of due diligence here. There had to be a rational for the req in the first place, it’s been over 50 years.
S / L
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB168 Info posted at work sites to inform of all veterans of services available to them such as drug treatment and job training.. B. McCool
Support Medium (Committee review+) Among all of the other items posted on bulletin board, such as EEO information, there is absolutely no reason information about veterans services that are available shouldn’t be among the information posted. All employers should be required to do this and even encourage their veteran employees to take advantage of them as needed. This bill makes that requirement law. D
Education HB169 Purchase and keep a portable automated defibrillator at schools and sporting events. R. Palumbo
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) This is a common sense idea and should be passed. It requires schools to keep defibrillators and train personnel on the use of the equipment and to report on these activities. It would be improved if they added testing and calibration of the equipment and maintenance. D
Govt Regs HB170 Offers technical corrections to citations within the bill. R. Roberts
Support Low (Can wait) Seems benign, and corrects erroneous citations. J
Govt Regs HB171 WITHDRAWN D. Hale
Support Medium (Committee review+) Prohibits the removal of any art or statues from the Capitol grounds without the consent of the General Assembly.

Good requirement, given recent national trends. Contextualize history, don’t silence it.
Rated as High Priority not because of the impact, but because given recent trends nation-wide it is important to get out in front of this.

Govt Regs HB172 Reqs in imminent domain cases, the owner shall be compensated for any discount points needed to obtain the same interest rate. S. Doan
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good requirement. May be very difficult to get the same rate currently. S
Health HB173 Reqs Medicaid to cover midwife services. N. Kulkarni
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good option for women to have. Similar to SB89. S
Health HB174 Allows the parent or personal rep of a minor to access their medical records. R. Raymer
Support Medium (Committee review+) Same as HB103. S
Health HB175 Reqs U of K or U of L to get approval from the General Assembly before acquiring a hospital. P. Flannery
Support Medium (Committee review+) Reasonable to have this oversight. S
Courts & Crimes HB176 Incr pay for jurors to $25 per day. No daily reimbursement. P. Flannery
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) $25 not enough pay per day. See commentary on SB22.
Amendment: L – Let’s split the difference at $100 on all of these jury bills with $50 for half day.
HB176, HB104, SB22 are all similar.
Health HB177 Prohibits the state or state affiliates from requiring COVID-19 vaccine for minors. R. Raymer
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) Love the spirit of this but would like for it to be that they cannot require anyone to get the vaccine.
L: Why can’t we get this over the finish line, or any COVID restrictions? Is this a conservative state or not? Probably should prohibit child masking here as well, if this becomes the 1 COVID bill the state passes (I believe 17 states have passed some form of COVID mandate ban).
Courts & Crimes HB178 Estab KY Lifeline for Moms program; expands and specs post-natal services that must be covered by insurance (incl KCHIP and medicaid); allows pregnant women to enter health care exchanges at any time. J. Nemes
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) It’s hard to believe this doesn’t already exist. Compensates people who were wrongfully convicted by the state for their time served. Quibbles are reasonable about aspects of the level of compensation.
Amendment: I would also love to address the recovery of capped attorney fees, plus some penalty, by the defense for a failed prosecution. Too often the process IS the punishment with malicious prosecution (even if not fitting the legal definition) costing people their life savings, for fighting for their life with a decent lawyer against a bottomless pit Commonwealth’s attorney staff.
HB179 Def “Paid Family Leave Insurance” for employers, and makes adjustments who can issue it and “Disability Income Insurance”. S. Heavrin
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Unclear why this requires declaration of an emergency, but no real issue with this. Not sure why only a life (it isn’t a death benefit) or health (ok, fine) insurer can issue either of these 2 types of insurance, sounds like this may be creating a monopoly for certain companies, but I doubt anyone else is in this business anyway (worth exploration in committee). L
Govt Regs HB180 AN ACT relating to public utilities. L. Willner
Business Regs HB181 Allows tenants to break residential leases for mental health emergencies. L. Willner
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Landlords currently have the option to allow a tenant with mental health issues to terminate a lease early. This bill gives the tenant the option to terminate the lease as long as they have a doctor’s note stating that the tenant is having a mental health emergency. I think this is open to serious abuse, and diminishes the rights of the landlord. J
Courts & Crimes HB182 Enhanced penalties for attempting to commit a violent crime. J. Decker
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) Overall a good bill, will need to get integrated into HB5 to get movement.
Don’t know why it strikes out the sections dealing with emergency responders for violent felonies list. Needs to be put back in.
UPDATE: Most of this bill did get added into HB5.
Education HB183 Provides that caseworkers and reasonable effort should be made to accommodate an adoptive parent with a disability. N. Tate
Support Medium (Committee review+) Very reasonable, not sure why anyone would have an objection here.
Amendment: Section 2 should probably have a qualifier that disability shall not be a basis of denial of service within reasonable limits… certainly SOME extreme disabilities are going to make parenting nearly impossible even with adaptive parenting.
Business Regs HB184 Abolish the KY Board of Cosmetology. S. Doan
Support Low (Can wait) Less government regulation.
Just the possibility of having fewer, or even just smaller, boards is exciting.
Health HB185 AN ACT relating to paramedic education and making an appropriation therefor. A. Tackett Laferty
Health HB186 Exempt Qualified insurance companies from requiring state to pay for costs incurred that are reqs of Federal Law as pertains to the Affordable Care Act M. Meredith
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
If the burden of payment is required by Federal Law it is unfair to ask the state to force insurance companies to bill states for costs the Federal gov’t should be covering. I take this to be demands on the state to pay for federal programs…ie unfunded mandates. D
HB187 AN ACT relating to the Kentucky Indigent Persons’ Burial Program. C. Aull
HB188 AN ACT relating to harboring a vicious dog and making an appropriation therefor. C. Aull
Taxes & Spending HB189 Allocates $0.33 per meal to districts that participate in the fed gov’t community eligibility provision to provide lunches to all kids in higher poverty districts. C. Aull
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) Same as SB40.
No question that Republicans should be opposed to “universal free school lunch”, as parents who have the ability should be paying for their own child’s lunches (the free and reduced lunch program is unaffected by this, those kids would get meals anyway). Also, no question that the Biden USDA is using this as a bribery scheme to get schools hooked on another gov’t program (which is also appalling to Republicans).
Nevertheless, the fact remains that almost every school district in this state (probably 80% of indiv. schools) is poor enough that at least 25% of kids are on free and reduced lunch, and a big percentage of them (probably 60%) hit the 40% tier that this replaced… do you deny this state spending that would encourage schools to get the larger pot of federal money, or do you give the state spending and increase gov’t dependency? Tough choice.
Amendment: I think implementing the KY Proud portion of this (good for KY farmers, good for schools) is common sense.
If Republicans DID want to back this, I would re-conceive this as a means of partially rebalancing the state spending on public ed (SEEK) funding disparities that have emerged (which needs to happen anyway). Schools in program that are at 40%+ FRL get $1 per meal, Schools at 25%+ FRL get $0.50 per meal, but also require that schools do fundraising to supplement these costs to receive the money.
Health HB190 Prohibits insurers from requiring or incentivising mail-order pharmaceuticals. S. Sharp
Will wait for final assessment until the actuarial assessment is finished.
Note: A similar provision is in SB188.Our concern is primarily the cost impact… Rep Sharp has expressed the concern from constituents which motivated the bill that often insurers require mail-order pharmaceuticals but the meds can’t be provided mail-order on the time table that the physician prescribes.
Could needlessly increase costs for insurers. Mail order pharmaceuticals could benefit those on maintenance prescriptions or who don’t live near a pharmacy.
S / L
Education HB191 If material is determined to be too graphic to be read or shown at a school board meeting then it must be removed from schools. J. Calloway
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Simple bill, clever concept.
Amendment: Perhaps include also that if something can’t be shown on broadcast TV by the FCC, then it also doesn’t belong in a K-12 school.
Same as SB247.
Govt Regs HB192 Implement automated speed enforcement devices (speed cameras) in work zones. J. Blanton
Only If Amended Oppose (bad bill) Would not be completely opposed to this except that it would open the door to having this implemented everywhere.
L: I’m VERY hesitant to allow the expanded use of these AI cameras.
Amendment: SUPPORT as long it is limited to work zone DURING times with workers present.
S / D
Transportation HB193 Reckless or careless driving in a work zone can result in the loss of license. J. Blanton
Only If Amended Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Strikes out the requirement that at least one worker be present when driving in a work zone for enhanced fines and penalties.
L: Losing your license (Section (1)(5)) entirely is a MASSIVE penalty in a rural area, even more than the $500 or even up to $10K fine. That should only be possible here if someone’s life is clearly put in danger.
Amendment: Much more comfortable with violation of 1.4 resulting in loss of license than 1.3 (repeat violation of 1.3?). Enhanced penalties should only occur if there IS a worker present. Section (4)(2)(b) should remain a requirement, not be striken-through.
S / L
Courts & Crimes HB194 Expands def of health care provider in terms of criminal penalties for 3rd degree assault. K. Moser
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Not a high priority… but not sure that assaulting any contract employee on or around a medical facility (eg potentially a janitor, or landscaper) should be classified the same as assault on a doctor performing their duty.
Amendment: If the person isn’t actively engaged in performance of their job, then a side conversation that escalates into a fight.
S / L
Business Regs HB195 Codifies unpaid family leave, allowing 12 weeks. C. Stevenson
Support Low (Can wait) I’m torn on this. It obviously puts a burden on employers, but it seems to be in line with what I’ve seen as a standard at various companies. It doesn’t seem like an onerous requirement. I’m surprised this isn’t current law. J
Business Regs HB196 Reqs employers to provide paid sick leave, and codifies the use of that leave. C. Stevenson
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) This bill requires employers to provide one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours of regular work time. For the same reasons I oppose a minimum wage, I urge opposition to this bill. If an employer wants to offer paid sick leave he may. The government should not be involved in this transaction. The rules for use of the leave seem standard. J
Business Regs HB197 AN ACT relating to recyclers. R. Roberts
Courts & Crimes HB198 Adds sexual debasement of a corpse as a mitigating circumstance to be considered in pre sentencing for persons where the death penalty could apply. S. Heavrin
Support Low (Can wait) There are a whole list of mitigating, and aggravating, circumstances to be weighed in the sentencing phase of the criminal process. This law would add abusing a corpse, in various ways, as a consideration of the ultimate sentence. It refers to Angela’s Law but I cannot find a direct connection to that law in this statute. Nevertheless, this addition helps in determining mindset and overall clarity of criminal behavior. D
Business Regs HB199 Estab licensure reqs for free standing birthing centers. J. Nemes
Support Medium (Committee review+) Also exempts facilities with no greater than four beds from CON requirements. More medical options is almost always a good thing, at the very least should provide specialty care and likely drive down costs through competition.
Same as SB103.
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB200 Adds US Space Force to def of “Armed Forces” for the purpose of bonus payments and other benefits. S. Bratcher
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
The United States Space Force is a new component and service of our military armed forces which includes Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines. it is only fitting that they be included. This is an update that should eventually be incorporated, but not ignored. D
Business Regs HB201 Restr a private entity’s use of biometric identifiers. S. Doan
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Exempts state and local governments from this requirement.
Dol: Not sure if we can trust some govt agencies to willingly “hand over” biometric identifiers. I SUPPORT ONLY if add huge fine ($25K) and loss of job should someone working in government hand over information to a 3rd outside party.
Business Regs HB202 Raise minimum of capital and major medical equipment expenditures required (to $10M) before a certificate of need is required. M. Proctor
Support Medium (Committee review+) CON laws, in place in about 36 states, were to theoretically limit hospital beds and services to keep profits up and quietly provide health care for the poor. But that has not happened. This amendment would raise the amount a facility can spend in improvements and equipment before a certificate of need is required… Allowing small medical practices to open, while taking away the risk of a new hospital going in. Only about 131 beds per 100,000 people exist in Kentucky. I support this effort to curtail the impact of certificates of need, because (opposite of the intention) CON actually negatively affects the availability of medical options for everyone (including the poor) to seek health care D
Business Regs HB203 Adds various health facilities (mental health, rehab, home health…) exempt from CON reqs. M. Proctor
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good bill. This is the goal of CON revocation but for a limited pool of facilities, but I fear it is also the least likely to pass incrementally IMO. The reality is that the lack of rehab facility beds actually HINDERS the ability of our major hospitals to provide service, because patients can’t be discharged until rehab or mental health beds open up and therefore new patients can’t be admitted. L
Business Regs HB204 Moves right to have a CON hearing to more favorable terms for the applicant. M. Proctor
Support High (Pass this session) Great bill, this may be the most likely to pass with a high impact of the CON bills this session. This just assures that the current CON hearing processes are more fair: allowing applicants to have legal counsel in hearings, restricting who can request a hearing, etc. S
Govt Regs HB205 Removes req 60 days elapse before testimony is heard in a divorce proceeding where minors are involved. S. Dietz
Support Low (Can wait) Not a high priority. S
Courts & Crimes HB206 Estab standards for collaborative law for reconciling disputes outside the courtroom. S. Dietz
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) I would change it so that both sides are not required to use an attorney. S
Courts & Crimes HB207 Prohibits possession and trafficking of a child sex doll. Also includes a computer-generated image / digitization of an actual minor as equivalent to a live minor in the child pornography laws. S. Dietz
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Needs to pass immediately.
L: Very interesting bill. All of this activity is definitely weird, and I suppose I can see it being illegal (as it with very little doubt encourages, not mitigates, long-term horrendous real-world activity). There are perhaps some 1st Amendment issues here (given that it is a doll or a generated image no person is being directly harmed), but if so, let the courts sort it out. It’s also worth nothing that age regression technology is purportedly available such that adults can be used as the source of digitization but they can be age regressed to a minor (I don’t think this covers that, and that REALLY may cause 1st Amendment issues).
Education HB208 Allows state to fund education outside common schools without a referendum. J. Calloway
Support w/ amendment suggestions High (Pass this session) This bill is, in my opinion, the most important of the session. (Note: HB2 on same topic.)
Great. If this passes it requires that it be put on the November ’24 ballot for voter approval.
The state does not have a right to do whatever they want with our tax dollars, nor to subsume a parents’ duty to educate their Children. One size does not fit all. No one wants ignorant children who can’t compete and that is what we are producing… This state is crying for school choice, and Our kids need it.
Amendment 1 is a Version of the bill without any mention of means testing.
(Amendment: I would amend it to include the language “regardless of race, creed, color, or sex” to increase the appeal on the ballot.)
R: I like it with floor Amendment 1. I do not support it in its original form.
L: Note every version allows GA to define all relevant terms.
The 2 most important (and positive) parts of this const amendment, aside from it giving the GA wide discretion but requiring them to actually do something, and being legally sound (eg addressing its relation to reqs of Section 184), are:
(a) it has populist appeal in this economically poor state because it immediately identifies the problem that it is addressing which should have sympathy from everyone wherever they live (specifically, most poor parents don’t have educational options for their kids in cases that the public school isn’t working for them; this gives them options), and
(b) it actually addresses the elephant in the room, the Supreme Court’s interpretation of Section 183 where currently the state only has a responsibility to public schools, which in turn must meet the Sup Court’s legislating from the bench def of “efficient” (equitable)… instead this says the state’s responsibility to public schools is not providing Equity but Oversight, and the state also has an affirmative responsibility to provide some funding to education outside of the common schools. (Note: I do think there should be some measure of equitable distrib of ed funding, but that ISN’T in the Constitution, only the statutes, but the Sup Court created it and has used it as a cudgel.)
Amendment: Sentence 1 COULD be interpreted to mean that each parent has an individual right to some funding (of course, that “portion” may be defined near zero) for their child’s educational cost (probably intentional). Striking “for parents of children” would make it clearly a general responsibility to fund education, not each parent has a right to funds (that’s where I’d be on this).
D / L
Business Regs HB209 AN ACT relating to occupational disease claims. A. Tackett Laferty
Business Regs HB210 AN ACT relating to workers’ compensation. A. Tackett Laferty
HB211 Sets up harm reduction centers where drug users can get their drugs tested, acquire needles and use. K. Herron
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Decrim of possession of Marijuana, methamphetamine,… and possession of paraphernalia. S
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB212 Allows rescue squad members to participate in the Alan “Chip” Terry Professional Development and Wellness Program. B. Wesley
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
No problem with this. S
Govt Regs HB213 Estab a permanent full-time operators license office in each county. S. Rawlings
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Same idea as HB250. Opposed only because HB60 is probably closer to the right number of offices (we have too few now, but one in every county is probably more than we need). S
Govt Regs HB214 Def terms with regard to the rights of an individual with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Gives the AG the ability to protect against the violation of those rights. M. Hart
Support Medium (Committee review+) People with developmental disabilities deserve to participate in society to the greatest extent possible and have their individual rights respected. Allows the Attorney General to institute civil action on their behalf.
It’s time for this to finally move and get serious discussion, it has been filed multiple times in recent years. HB42 from last session.
Taxes & Spending HB216 A one time stipend increase for hazardous and police retirees. $5K increase for police and $6K increase for hazardous duty employees. D. Graham
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) Bad bill as written. #1 any retiree mentioned in the Bill whose retirement is over $30K a year should NOT receive a stipend. To receive this type of pension, mostly likely in the 5 year before their retirement they were given beyond normal raises to help raise their pensions. #2 Police, fire, gas dept and road crew should ONLY be deemed hazardous. Should NOT be for administrators who were ONLY hired as administrators and have not put themselves out there as an actual person involved.in hazardous positions. #3 Any retiree mentioned in the Bill who has been rehired should not receive this stipend. #4 the KRS is deeply in debt and cannot afford to have this benefit for those who more than likely has a 2nd homes, to purchase more property, +3 cars, many yearly vacas, that is why the limit should be set. The taxpayers are struggling to get by and cannot afford taxes to keep up this elaborate life for the above personnel I mentioned. . D G
Govt Regs HB217 Removes 5 acre restriction on requiring license to hunt or fish on your own private property. D. Hale
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Good bill, same as SB5, closing an inexplicable licensing requirement on properties less than 5 acres introduced in SB241 last session.
Amendment: Only criticism is that better language is contained in HB106 to allow a landowner to allow anyone to fish in his lake with permission with no license.
Govt Regs HB218 Reqs the Dep of Transportation to notify an individual prior to their license expiring. S. Lewis
Oppose Oppose (friendly) More burdensome regulations. People need to be accountable for themselves. S
Govt Regs HB219 Allows Freedom Flag to be flown, along with the American and KY flags, on September 11th, 2001, a day which is known as “Patriots Day.” M. Dossett
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
It is very appropriate that the tragedy that was 9-11 be remembered. Allowing the Freedom flag to be flown helps us all to think about our need to be vigilant and patriotic citizens. The bill outlines the description of the flag itself which can be seen on the Freedom Flag Foundation web page, freedomflagfoundation.org D
Health HB220 Allows insurance companies and pharmacy managers to require the use of biosimilar products (like many do with generics). A. Neighbors
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
A biosimilar product is one that is made from natural products where as a generic is made from chemicals. This allows, but does not require, the use of the biosimilar products. It is basically putting the biologic product in the same use availability as a generic product, which should be a good idea. This could, in the long run, help lower the cost of drugs. A biosimilar product is one that is made from living systems such as yeast, bacteria or animal cells. Biosimilar products require FDA approval and testing. M
Education HB221 Changes make up of the KY Higher Education Assistance Authority and Student Loan Corporation. B. McCool
Support Medium (Committee review+) Same as SB81.
No real issue with this, it seems to streamline admin of student loan collection programs.
Taxes & Spending HB222 Creates a tax deduction for interest earned from a savings account for a first time home buyer. K. Timoney
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Not necessary.
L: I understand the principle here, create a way for very responsible young people to start saving for a 1st home purchase given the sky-rocketing prices.
Amendment: Would be more straightforward and quicker to just give a declining 1st home buyer tax credit for a few years (to be put toward paying down principal on the loan).
Other HB223 Deletes current 10-year statute of limitations on bringing civil action for childhood sexual abuse. L. Willner
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) This is a tough one. While abusing a child is heinous, never-ending liability is also problematic. A criminal conviction is not required for a person to bring a civil suit, so any accusation could be lobbed at someone. On the other hand, if a child is molested at age 10, it may be too much to ask that by age 20 they would bring suite. Perhaps a compromise with a 20 or 25 year limitation. J
Education HB224 Def free speech on campus and prohibits institutions from infringing upon this right & Estab penalties. S. Maddox
Support High (Pass this session) Very thorough and detailed.
L: Good legislation, covers lots of speech suppression issues on college campuses. Higher ed should be bastions of free speech, not enemies of it… but “Progressive” Marxists are profoundly ILliberal.
HB139 from last session. It’s time this finally got some movement. DEI & CRT regulation is a hot topic this year, this bill keeps things from going too far. Why not deal with these free speech issues on campus comprehensively, while also dealing with DEI and CRT?
Education HB225 Change to the wording of expectations for our school system. Expands reporting reqs for the budget. S. Rawlings
Support Low (Can wait) Not bad changes, but not sure how much it will affect school achievement.
L: I could nit-pick language (eg get that word efficient (Rose, 1990) out of there, and ed should promote INDIVIDUAL excellence for each student), but generally I like almost all of this.
Dol: HIGH PRIORITY, schools are dumbing down our students with CRT and DEI. Look at the school records since CRT and DEI has been implemented, very bad. They need to learn about our govt and how it works.
Govt Regs HB226 Exempts non-resident military members from paying the nonresident fee for a hunting or fishing license. S. Bratcher
Support Low (Can wait) Support helping our military.
L: Obviously this is a minor expense, so if it starts moving, fine. Any military member in the US gets treated as a US resident for fishing and hunting permits? Why?
Education HB227 Reqs the KY Board of Ed promulgate regs regarding school district mergers due to insolvency. J. Tipton
Oppose Oppose (friendly) If a successful district doesn’t want to merge with a failing one, a no vote should be enough. It’s not the Board’s place to step into the decision. S
Education HB228 Reqs boards of KY univs and technical colleges to establish performance standards for the president and faculty. Standard review every 4 years and employees can be removed for failure to meet expectation. J. Tipton
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) I love the sentiment here, but make no mistake this is an elimination of tenure bill. Kentucky cannot lead the nation in this (or there will be a massive flight of faculty).
Amendment: I AM comfortable instituting Florida’s every 5 year post-tenure review, with an annual report to the GA on high earning employees.
Health HB229 Reqs any gene therapy product to be labeled as such and require an exposure statement. Reqs informed consent. E. Callaway
Support Medium (Committee review+) Great bill. Would be good to catch up the law in this relatively new area of medical research. S
Education HB230 Provides for 50 minutes per day of teacher non-instructional time, and facilitates the completion of a BA in Education. T. Bojanowski
Only If Amended Low (Can wait) This is a very confusing bill. Poorly written with lots of run-on sentences. Teachers should be compensated for time they are required to be performing duties. No more, no less. Not knowing how the teachers’ contract works, it’s hard to tell from this bill whether the changes are merited. A program to facilitate advanced degrees specifically mentions a degree in Education. I think degrees in Education lead to much mischief, and should not be required for teacher certification. J
Education HB231 Caps tuition increase at state universities. Freeze tuition for a 4 year student. Triple student representation on Boards of public univs and KCTCS. W. Lawrence
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) Good recommendations, but not a high priority.
L: Kentucky apparently has the best in nation incoming class size increase, which speaks against the urgency here.
Amendment: Sympathetic to this. The tuition increase caps in 8a1 are reasonable. 8a2 might be going too far and create a chaotic system with every college class paying different amounts simultaneously. I’m definitely opposed to removing Senate confirmation requirements for board members, and would only have 2 student reps: 1 undergrad student prez and 1 grad student rep.
S / L
Education HB232 Prohibit hiring or firing decisions from private companies and disciplinary punishment in public schools on the basis of historically racially associated hairstyles. G. Brown Jr.
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Same as SB230… and SB63 last session.
Amend KRS 344.010 to provide definitions of “protective hairstyle” and “race” that include traits historically associated with race… prohibit private businesses from firing, or not hiring, people based upon their hairstyle; amend KRS 158.148 to provide that school disciplinary codes shall prohibit discrimination on the basis of race (including not restricting hairstyles apparently).
Unnecessary. A hairstyle is not a “trait”. In any situation we are talking about here (people aren’t being fired for well-kempt hairstyles, including braids, afros or even well-kept dreds), it is a fashion or (counter-)cultural statement. Private businesses have the right to restrict your statements, as do the public schools within a narrower window. They both also have rational reasons for requiring well-kempt hair.
Education HB233 Reqs world history courses to include the teaching of African history of a number of specific countries and specific teaching of Native American history. G. Brown Jr.
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Obviously some amount of history of all of the different continents makes some sense, as the US is a melting pot with lot of cultures influencing modern and historical American society… but there is only so much that this needs to be specified in state law. R
Govt Regs HB234 Adds Juneteenth (June 19th) to the list of state holidays. G. Brown Jr.
Support Low (Can wait) It already is a federal holiday, as of a couple of years ago.
L: I’d suggest it be named National Freedom Day. Clearly ending the African slave trade and chattel slavery was an massive milestone, though the justification for June 19th is pretty tenuous… June 19th also happens to be the date of the US’s victory in the 2nd Barbary War which effectively ended “white slavery” sale of US sailors by the North African Barbary pirates.
Govt Regs HB235 Reqs participants in the SNAP (food stamps) participate in an employment and training program starting within 90 days. D. Meade
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) I’m sympathetic to this who line of thinking (people who can work, should work), but as a side-note I genuinely don’t know why SNAP of all of the Welfare/Safety Net programs gets such outsized attention (to me, it’s among the least odious of these gov’t assistance/dependency programs). Only the people who cynically game the system buying cokes and reselling them for cash actually frustrate me about people getting meal assistance… I do suspect that a lot of people on SNAP are working in menial, low paying jobs, largely off the books, and their best path to prosperity would be helping them move to an area with better job prospects.
Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to expect any adult getting gov’t assistance to get on a path toward getting off of it and on their own 2 feet. This established the employment and training program and I don’t see anything really objectionable here.
Courts & Crimes HB236 Reqs anyone convicted of a sex crime against a child under 12 to undergo chemical castration with medroxyprogesterone acetate. R. Dotson
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Obviously sex crimes against kids are horrible, but forcing a medical procedure on someone is a huge step (arguably death penalty is the only example of this currently). I also understand the high recidivism rate here.
Amendment: The farthest I could go is to allow for voluntary treatment of this type for free in exchange for some small amount of sentence reduction.
Business Regs HB237 Imposes many regs on employers WRT to notifying employees of work hours, standby schedules, etc. L. Burke
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Gov’t overreach to the infinite degree. There is no good outcome in this bill. The burden on an employer would be huge and to violate this bill if it passes could cost the employer even more. Cost to hire an employee would be sky high. M
HB238 AN ACT relating to guardians and conservators. L. Burke
HB239 AN ACT relating to contributions made to a Kentucky Saves account. L. Burke
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB240 Incremental attempt to neuter the second amendment via onerous storage reqs. L. Burke
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) This bill is getting very close to removing ‘the right to keep and BEAR arms shall not be infringed’ because it would require storage that would render the firearm useless in an emergency situation. You would in essence have a hammer rather than a firearm. M
Other HB241 Reqs strict age verification guidelines for pornographic sites. Civil penalties for failure to comply. S. Baker
Support High (Pass this session) Great bill. Very detailed.
It’s hard to believe this isn’t already the law. Do Republicans support hard core pornography being accessed by kids?!
Business Regs HB242 Allows USDA exempt poultry producers to sell on a farm, farmer’s market or road side stand. Poultry sold at a farmer’s market or roadside stand must be frozen and wrapped. S. Maddox
Support Medium (Committee review+) This would expand freedom of farmers, enabling them to process poultry and sell to end users. It is a bit confusing in that it seems to require the poultry to be refrigerated and then requires the poultry to be frozen. HB117 from last session. R
Govt Regs HB243 Allows for initiation of child support any time after conception (ie during pregnancy). A. Neighbors
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) L: There is an interesting discussion to be had here among Republicans. I’m sympathetic to the idea, esp. in cases where pregnancy results from sexual assault, but Mike correctly assesses that this implementation sets up a clear presumption of maternal custody.
Amendment: The amendments to the existing child support statutes would allow a parent to file for child support during pregnancy, which does not overtly favor the mother in consideration for custody, but does sets up an underlying implication of custody (esp. in Sec. 5).
M / L
Courts & Crimes HB244 Estab detailed chart for parenting time credit for separated parents. S. Dietz
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
The chart is very specific. Not sure how it is enforceable by the court. If one parent keeps diligent records, how will the court verify they are accurate?
L: No issue with defining “day” cleanly, etc. Most of this isn’t objectionable.
The core issue here is this level of micromanagement of something that is, and should be, handled by family courts. If the family courts overwhlmingly think this eases their jobs somewhat, as was purported by the sponsor, then so be it.
S / L
Education HB245 Removes “expected family contribution” from criteria for teacher scholarship application. C. Massaroni
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Good recommendation.
L: Not so sure about this one. The amount a family can contribute toward tuition SHOULD be factored into financial aid decisions, what am I missing? Emancipation is an option to avoid this being a factor.
Govt Regs HB246 Allows private entities to enter local lease agreements for naming rights of roads and bridges. S. Doan
Support Low (Can wait) Requires that state and local names and addresses won’t change. Are we really this hard up for new sources of revenue? S
Elections HB247 Reqs the State Board of Elections to provide county clerks with signature roster and furnish precinct list at a reasonable price. M. Proctor
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good recommendations. S
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB248 Removes the req that a person shall be eligible for reinstatement to a police or fire department within one year of separation. K. Timoney
Only If Amended Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
This could allow reinstatement after 20 years of separation. Perhaps you could increase the separation time. but not beyond 5 years. S
Transportation HB249 Exempts low speed vehicles from additional standards that are not applicable. R. Raymer
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Less regulation for less people, most times, is a good thing. S
Transportation HB250 Reqs a driver’s license office in every county, either through the clerk or Transportation Cabinet. S. Bratcher
Only If Amended Oppose (friendly) Same idea as HB217. See commentary on HB60, which I think gets closer to the right balance here. We have too few now, but one in every county (as used to be the case) is probably more than we need. L
Transportation HB251 AN ACT relating to railroad operations. A. Tackett Laferty
Health HB252 AN ACT relating to informed consent for medical examinations. S. Stalker
Govt Regs HB253 Reqs Animal Control Officer to report suspiscion of child abuse or neglect (presumably because it is common where animals are being abused). S. Witten
Support Medium (Committee review+) Same as SB106; see commentary there. L
Courts & Crimes HB254 Sets compensation rate for a public advocate to at least a Commonwealth Attorney’s. Assistant public advocate shall be unclassified employee, unless they elect to stay classified. D. Elliott
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) Assistant public advocate salary to be set by the Public advocate. Bars these attorneys from taking outside compensation. Establishes a new division within office for protection of people with disabilities. S / L
Business Regs HB255 Prohibits Dep of Workplace Standards from promulgating regs for people under 18 more restrictive than the US Secretary of Labor. P. Pratt
Only If Amended Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
The Commonwealth needs to keep its sovereignty, regardless of what the Federal government does.
L: I don’t really feel strongly one way or the other. I get that the idea here is to ease workplace regulations, but it seems the only affirmative argument being made for this is that it puts KY in alignment with the Federal government. I don’t care one bit whether we are in alignment with Federal labor rules, letting the US Secretary of Labor set all of our workplace standards (whether that be minimums or maximums) isn’t a positive good.
Amendment: So, ARE the federal standards for 16 and 17 year old workers wise?
The 6hr daily limit on 16 & 17 year olds is needlessly restrictive, why can’t they work a 10 hour shift on a Saturday. Remove that one. However, the 30 hour per week during the school year does make some sense to me (they shouldn’t be full-time employees AND full-time students that young).
S / L
Govt Regs HB256 Reqs reduced insurance rates for “fortified” roof housing and sets up a fund for a grant program for building with these roofs. M. Pollock
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) OK with everything, except paying contractor or homeowners for construction costs from $ from the general fund.
L: If these fortified roofs warrant a reduction in home insurance (hence they effectively pay for themselves over time in reduced insurance rates), then why aren’t they just part of the building codes and why do taxpayers have to pay for it?
S / L
Education HB257 Abolish the Council on Postsecondary Education and place its responsibilities under the KY Higher Education Assistance Authority. S. Doan
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) Nowhere in the bill does it explicitly state that the Council on Postsecondary Education is abolished. S
Courts & Crimes HB258 Refines definition of torture of a cat or dog. Enhances penalties. S. Witten
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) No problem with this.
L: Main change is including various types of restraint of an animal that results in extreme pain or death as torture. Good bill.
Amendment: Expanding the definition of torture is great. May be best to keep the penalty structure as is, and don’t make each act a separate offense. A class A misdemeanor for a 1st offense (up to 1 year in prison) is reasonable, and allows for reform for acts that may be due to lack of education, etc. It also keeps it consistent with 1st time abuse of an animal not being more than abuse of a human.
S / L
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB259 Lower the concealed carry age from 21 to 18. S. Maddox
Support High (Pass this session) If someone is old enough to serve in the military, they are old enough to carry.
Note: this does NOT include an 18 student carrying a gun into high school.
Taxes & Spending HB260 AN ACT making appropriations for the operations, maintenance, and support of the Legislative Branch of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. D. Osborne
Taxes & Spending HB261 AN ACT making appropriations for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the Judicial Branch of the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its various officers, boards, commissions, subdivisions, and other state-supported activities. D. Osborne
Taxes & Spending HB262 BUDGET – Puts a definite cap on spending for $50M for natural disasters, and $1M for prison cost overruns, without a special session. J. Petrie
Support High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
Not a bad idea. It seems these were blank check items in existing law.
This doesn’t mean that we can only spend this much, just that the GA needs to approve additional spending.
Taxes & Spending HB263 BUDGET – Standard Budget Boilerplate for Leg. Branch. Interesting that Senators each get almost twice the stationery allowance. J. Petrie
Support High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
It seems odd that the stationery allowance is twice as big as the house (presumably because their districts are about 2.5 times bigger). If the house is fine with it, so be it, we are talking literally about a few tens of thousand dollars total. Do Senators actually use more than twice as much? L – BUDGET
Taxes & Spending HB264 BUDGET – Allocates funds for Judicial Branch, incl construction projects and prisons. J. Petrie
Support High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
Allocates $508,116,200 (2024-5) and $522,878,500 (2025-6) for the Judicial Branch, over half a billion dollars for the first time with $1,351,900 and $1,396,900 toward retirement.
Note: all of these Budget Bill would be much easier to process if they put the current fiscal year totals right next with them and/or the percentage change from the current fiscal year were labelled.
Amendment: why are we issuing bonds to pay for construction projects in this high interest rate environment, rather than using the rainy day fund?
Taxes & Spending HB265 AN ACT relating to appropriations providing financing and conditions for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the Transportation Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. J. Petrie
HB266 AN ACT relating to road projects and declaring an emergency. J. Petrie
HB267 AN ACT relating to providing for the authorization of the Office of Broadband Development to implement the federal Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program and declaring an emergency. J. Petrie
HB268 AN ACT relating to create a workforce housing loan pool fund and making an appropriation therefor. S. Rudy
Courts & Crimes HB269 WITHDRAWN N. Wilson
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) W
Courts & Crimes HB270 Defines certain offenses which it is illegal to travel into KY with the intent to commit. N. Wilson
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+) Seems to be saying that you can’t be convicted of two offenses. S
Courts & Crimes HB271 Allows a person to make a written (not just oral) report of child dependency, neglect or abuse. N. Wilson
Support Low (Can wait) Clarification of existing statute. S
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB272 Infant drop.drop off sites states currently that it is staffed 24 hours every day by a licensed emergency medical services provider. Adds “except when all emergency medical service providers are temporarily off-site providing emergency medical services. “ N. Tate
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) I would add that the site is staffed by an employee while the emergency medical service providers are off-site. Wouldn’t want an infant to be left alone for a prolonged period of time.
L: I think this is a pretty reasonable provision. Occasionally, there may be nobody staffing even a 24-hour staffed emergency facility if there is an active emergency situation. I don’t think these are situations were nobody is there for 4+ hours at a time, we are talking an hour or two at most.
S / L
Health HB273 Reqs Medicaid and state sponsored health plans to provide coverage for the treatment of obesity. N. Tate
Support Medium (Committee review+) This could save on health costs further down the line. S
Health HB274 Permit pharmacist to administer vaccines to children three years or older with parental consent. D. Bentley
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Currently allowed for age 9 and older. No issue with this, pharmacists have access to the same info on contraindications for vaccines that MDs and DOs do. S
Education HB275 Forbids schools from entering into nondisclosure agreements with employees charged with abuse of a minor. Increased scrutiny of new hires and mandates a background check every 5 years. J. Tipton
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Good requirement.
L: An allegation (even within the past 12 months) that is found to be baseless should not have to be disclosed.
S / L
Health HB276 AN ACT relating to menstrual discharge collection devices. G. Brown Jr.
Courts & Crimes HB277 Moves Louisville Public Defenders Corp under Dep of Public Advocacy. J. Nemes
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Shifts Louisville’s public defenders under the state level public advocacy cabinet that performs the same general function. No objection, it seems like bureaucratic streamlining.
I don’t fully understand the retirement implications: The actuarial analysis indicates there is no impact to bringing these employees under the KERS retirement system. What are they under now, does Louisville have a retirement system? If so, they can’t collect BOTH, correct? So, the state will be taking upon accrued liability for years’ served?
Courts & Crimes HB278 Enhanced penalties for sex crimes involving a minor. Removal of statute of limitations for civil action arising from childhood sexual assault or abuse. M. Lockett
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
More comprehensive than HB25, HB66, HB207 and HB270. S
Education HB279 Allows for full day program for kindergarten students in the public school. T. Truett
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) A full day may be convenient for some parents but is too long a day for the students. S
Business Regs HB280 Reqs a certain level of insurance coverage for delivery services (eg door dash). M. Pollock
Support Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Good minimum requirement. S
Govt Regs HB281 Adds the Division of Compliance and the Division of Sports Wagering to the KY Horse Racing Commission. M. Meredith
Support Low (Can wait)
*Passed House
Not a big problem with this, since current law put sports wagering there. S
Courts & Crimes HB282 Enhanced penalties for committing a crime with a firearm. W. Williams
Support Medium (Committee review+) No problem with this. S
Govt Regs HB283 AN ACT relating to mining licenses and making an appropriation therefor. A. Camuel
Business Regs HB284 AN ACT relating to wage theft. A. Camuel
Health HB285 AN ACT relating to individual-directed care at the end of life. J. Raymond
Courts & Crimes HB286 Allows local law enforcement to collect a DNA sample from anyone arrested. P. Flannery
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) This should only be done for criminals convicted of a crime. S
HB287 AN ACT relating to risk protection orders. B. Chester-Burton
Firearms, Military & 1st Resp HB288 Allows concealed carry in public schools (not by students). Removes ban on concealed carry at postsecondary institutions. S. Maddox
Support High (Pass this session) Great bill. Simple and clean, the only reliable way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. S
Courts & Crimes HB289 Adds “sexual contact” to deviate or sexual intercourse to the list of things considered incest. N. Wilson
Oppose Low (Can wait) I fail to see any reason for urgency with this bill. It adds “sexual contact” to the list of things considered incest, and hence makes more subjective and lessens the activity that classifies. On its face, that isn’t unreasonable.
However, let’s wait until the (likely to pass) HB5 provisions go into effect, which includes def of incest as violent felony offenses, before we start lessening, expanding, redefining what we mean by incest.
Health HB290 AN ACT relating to coverage for substance use disorder. J. Raymond
Business Regs HB291 AN ACT relating to employment discrimination. J. Raymond
Govt Regs HB292 Creates new positions within the KY Public Pension Authority. Adds Office of Financial Management and Office of Benefits. DJ Johnson
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Seems to be another layer of bureaucracy. Don’t see any positions removed.
L: It definitely does add more public employees (although the additions seem minimal) and bureaucracy, but given that we are talking about a future with $40B+ in liability some additional expertise and oversight seems appropriate.
Amendment: Director of each of these divisions should have to get Senate confirmation (we don’t need a Governor’s office stooge in these roles).
S / L
Health HB293 License kratom dealers and regulate / prohibit certain products. K. Moser
Only If Amended Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
The side effects don’t seem to be worse than most prescription drugs.
L: It does affect opioid receptors depending on dosage. It is a stimulant in low doses. I’m not sure where this legislation should land, but this is in gas stations so we need to start paying attention and have a committee hearing (Note: from past experience, only the PRO side will show to testify so need experts on the ANTI side as well). I’m probably on the side of strict regulation (similar to the current status of Marijuana, as this also is not regarded as having any medical use by the FDA.
S / L
Business Regs HB294 AN ACT relating to jurisdiction of contractor disputes involving real property. D. Grossberg
Courts & Crimes HB295 Bars the use of slave/unpaid labor by prisoners in prison. G. Brown Jr.
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) We don’t need this amendment to the KY Constitution. The only think this would affect given the US Constitution, Amendment 13 is labor in prison. All of our prisons pay some small wage for prisoner labor anyway.
Same as SB231.
Business Regs HB296 Exempts temporary gov’t structures (less than 6 months) from local building code standards. W. Lawrence
Support Medium (Committee review+) Good exemption.
L: Should it apply to anyone, not just gov’t?
Business Regs HB297 Permits cities to establish their own minimum wage, higher than the state minimum wage. C. Aull
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Nope. The minimum wage is an economic loser and consistency of biz regulation is good for growth. R / L
Courts & Crimes HB298 AN ACT relating to driving under the influence. C. Aull
Govt Regs HB299 Reqs Sec. of State estab a searchable, central database of grant ops from state agencies. A. Tackett Laferty
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Seems like a good idea, and would assist in the allocation of grant money to places in need.
Amendment: Do we have something similar for Federal grants? If so, that should be integrated here. If not, shouldn’t we?
Education HB300 Estab process and procedures for receiving and processing a complaint against a certificate holder (teacher). M. Clines
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+)
*Passed House
Good, fair recs to improve due process (incl filing in home district court).
Amendment: Some discussion in committee of whether the time-lines are too tight for the EPSB to handle them (may need to be lengthened a bit). We don’t want cases dropped due to timelines being impossibly short.
Education HB301 Req every child in public K-12 schools be assigned a lunch period of at least 30 minutes. A. Tackett Laferty
Support w/ amendment suggestions Low (Can wait) I’m not sure this needs to be a law, surely this already takes place, but it’s something that clearly should happen assuming the child is there for the full day.
Amendment: Perhaps should specify that this req applies only for full-day attendance.
HB302 Creates a right to a clean environment. J. Raymond
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) No more rights that can’t be enforced anyway, and will just be used by the courts to regulate every aspect of life. R
Govt Regs HB303 AN ACT relating to road projects and declaring an emergency. D. Graham
Education HB304 Declares parental rights in their children’s education. S. Baker
Support High (Pass this session) Great requirements.
L: Most of this didn’t make it into SB150 last session, why can’t we just address these issues well once, instead of rushing through half-measures at the end of session?
Most of this amounts to the school system having to disclose what is happening with a child to his/her parents, which obviously should be in law already. Eliminates any requirement (ie no compelled false speech) to use pronouns opposite to a person’s biological sex (not just students). Reqs that parents wishes on instructional topics that they don’t want their kids to be exposed in writing are respected. Fixes the “or” ambiguity. Allows parents to file suit against the school district (not the employee) for violations of the statue, and for the employee’s license to be suspended for 2 years.
Amendments: (1)3.b.4. shouldn’t it be ALL health or mental health services, beyond perhaps applying a bandaid; (1)2.b.6. shouldn’t you notify all parents regardless of whose kid has been molested or groomed?
S / L
Govt Regs HB305 Estab criteria for violations of the Uniform State Building Code. J. Calloway
Support Low (Can wait) No problem with this but not a high priority. S
Health HB306 AN ACT relating to maternal health disparities in perinatal care. B. Chester-Burton
Health HB307 AN ACT relating to Medicaid coverage for doula services. B. Chester-Burton
Taxes & Spending HB308 Elim of the inheritance/death tax after August 2024. M. Lockett
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) It’s a debate worthy of Republicans having (I’d like to hear the discussion in committee). The state does have some basic functions that need to be paid for, the question is how? What taxes (and we have to have some) are best?
The inheritance tax isn’t the source of a massive amount of revenue (less than $100M per year likely), but we need to discuss the principle.
I’m less enthusiastic about this elim, as to me the inheritance tax (above some base threshold, to protect “the family farm”) is one of the LEAST offensive taxes to me. Proponents of elimination often call this a “death tax”, I would call it an multi-generational, inherited wealth tax. There’s nothing offensive to me about death being the time when you lose claim on some of your accumulated wealth; you can’t take it with you after all.
Amendment: There are few things more destructive to the concepts of meritocracy, and social mobility than aristocracy based upon inherited wealth. I’d make it that the greater of 1st $2M total, or $1M per current spouse, or biological or adopted child is exempted, but I would have no issue with upping the percentage of tax beyond that. To really address this and the associated tax dodges used to avoid it, we need to take a hard look at the way trusts are regulated, however.
Govt Regs HB309 Bans appropriation of public funds (state, or local) for lobbying purposes or employing a lobbyist. F. Rabourn
Support High (Pass this session) Excellent idea, that needs to make it into the law one way or another this session. I should not be subsidizing someone against my will, via my tax dollars, to come lobby against my interests. The principle here seems similar to the Janus (2018) decision.
Same as SB120.
Health HB310 AN ACT relating to health services. R. Roberts
HB311 AN ACT relating to the safety of canines and felines. C. Stevenson
Business Regs HB312 AN ACT relating to nondisclosure agreements. C. Stevenson
Business Regs HB313 AN ACT relating to the sale of pets. C. Stevenson
Govt Regs HB314 Creates the “community restoration tax .” W. Lawrence
Oppose Oppose (bad bill) Looks to be another tax break for bankers. S
Govt Regs HB315 Practical solution to line of sight situation at RR crossings, makes railroad company responsible and Transportation Cabinet entitled to reimbursement if it addresses it. N. Tate
Support Medium (Committee review+) This one page bill establishes that a RR company is responsible for keep vegetation cleared at RR crossings for line of sight. A lot of RR crossings do not have warning systems for the motorists. Enabling a motorist to see down the track if a train is coming is very important. This bill also provides that a Transportation Department can clear vegetation at a RR crossing and bill the RR for the removal if the RR has failed to maintain the line of sight at the crossing. M
Health HB316 Estab KY Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Board of the KY GA to oversee the KY Medicaid Program J. Petrie
Support High (Pass this session)
*Passed House
The Kentucky Medicaid Program should be, as far as is possible, free of fraud. This board would formulate a thorough process of seeing that fraud is minimized.
I am surprised that this type of board hasn’t already been created given the cost and purpose of medical care. Nevertheless, it is a worthy effort.
Health HB317 AN ACT relating to prior authorization. K. Moser
Support w/ amendment suggestions Medium (Committee review+) Very detailed bill, with definitions applying in certain sections but not others. It needs to be closely evaluated.
Codifies HB318’s intent in a specific way in law.
Health HB318 Reqs insurers to offer a program to reduce or elim prior authorization reqs for providers. M. Lockett